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  1. I started using the regimen about 3 months ago and so far have seen some good results with acne clearing up. My only issue is the ongoing dry, flaky spots. I made sure that I followed the directions diligently although the first couple weeks I may have increased BP too fast so I stopped completely and started again so I could ease into it. I also use the jojoba oil with moisturizer morning and night. After 4 months I could still only use one fingers length BP and I do breakout in areas that are
  2. hey everyone...I am a 28 yo female with mild/moderate acne. I have been using the regimen for 21 days. I saw an instant improvement and then a couple days ago my skin took a turn for the worst. Lots of new pimples and feeling a little discouraged. I have been very diligent in following Dans instructions. Even with the jojoba oil my face is still very flaky pretty soon after my moisturizer dries up. I work out daily and I don't know if I should back off from that a little to get things under cont