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    Used it for 2 months and it helped my skin a lot! i had severe cystic acne and it got worse before it got better using the BP. It was like one day my skin was bursting and the next day it was 100 percent better.  I have ordered a new kit and now going to start using AHA. Hope it removes the red spots!
  2. emraldeyes

    Should I Try The Regimen?

    Hey!! Thanks for replying!! Its been a week since i started the regimen..i use cetaphil gentle cleanser,2.5% benzoyl peroxide and aleo vera and cucumber moisturizer which is non oily..my doc said the redness has decreased...but ive got 5-6 new zits near my chin and lips..but i definately wont give up and continue doing it twice a day!!
  3. emraldeyes

    Should I Try The Regimen?

    Hey guys, Ive been dealing with acne since i was 14 years old...it was mild at that time... it grew when i became 18 years old..a lady advised me to use betnovate cream and i did...my face cleared up..however when i stopped using it,all the suppressed acne came back and it became worse now,ive got a lot of pimples and marks along with blackheads and cysts,my skin also became very thin while using betnovate. Ive tried everything, antibiotics,herbal medicines but nothing seems to work.. my acne is of a severe type although it limits to my cheeks and some part of my neck...i just came across this site and was wondering if the regimen would work for me..please help me out as i am very stressed about this problem..