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  1. Bad advice. Subcision is a method to avoid. If you are thinking of trying "subcision" please have an injectable filler instead. You will get the benefit of "needling" the scar tissue with guaranteed safe cosmetic results. Please do not mess up your face by doing a risky method such as subsicion. The only sure-fired way to deal with acne scarring is topical retinoids, antioxidant creams/peels, nonablative lasers, and darmal fillers (juvederm and restylane are OK). Please don't do something you
  2. If you do get accutane. try the generic brand "Claravis." It's much cheaper and the capsules are easier to remove from the package and also easier to swallow. I personally hate those round, fat, hard-to-swallow accutane capsules....claravis capsules are small and thin. Hormonal Acne? I wouldn't be worried so much about some specific hormonal cause.......while hormones may play a role in acne and inflammation, acne has more to do with the way your skin cells are shedding and also with how m
  3. I would go for the accutane if I were you. Since you were on tazorac (hopefully within the last 6 months) your skin is well-adjusted to retinoids.....meaning you will have a fast-response to the accutane. Bear in mind, accutane can be prescribed in a variety of doses - you may only need 1 40mg capsule per day to get optimal results.........taking 2, 40 mg capsules a day is sometimes prescribed, but not always necessary, and causes more dryness/ unpleasant side effects.....hopefully your derma
  4. I finally conquered the scars.................it didn't happen until February 2007.......visible results of clear smooth skin free of disfiguring scars and discoloration. I had been scarred since July 20, 2005....every single day I wanted to die...every single day since then until February 17, 2007. I went from being a young 21 year old to a 23 year old...with no social development, no change, no life. I was essentially raped of my youth, raped of my 21st and 22nd years of life because of dis
  5. take Accutane on a low dosage for a long period of time if you have oily skin but not acne. I am so much happier now that I did this. I used to have people notice my extremely oily skin and it was VERY uncomfortable. now the problem is solved Accutane shrinks pore size too I've noticed
  6. DUAC SUCKS...didn't work for me...try Klaron
  7. The hair loss (if you mean on the scalp) is NOT related to differin use. If you are a male, consider using propecia daily (it could be genetic balding that is the problem). Since 95% of men lose some degree of hair in their lifetimes it is not a bad idea to be on propecia if you are a male age 18 or older. Consult your dermatologist or hair loss physician about these concerns. Hair thinning can be related to other problems as well such as lack of iron intake etc /certain medicines etc. If th
  8. I did not experience this and I've had 5 smoothbeam treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. The smoothbeam did improve the texture of the skin but DID NOT really solve the oiliness problem (excess sebum) and did NOT significantly reduce scars.... However, it did help...fixing scarring is such a sloooooooooooow process unfortunately...it could take 12 smothbeam treatments spaced several weeks apart to eradicate them As far as discoloration I only got a little redness that went a way after 30 minute
  9. Comedone Extractors with an extremely low risk of scarring can be used to eliminate white heads as opposed to just trying to pop them. But use them sparingly....ask your dermatologist about these.
  10. Klaron lotion works better than benzoyl peroxide at alleviating redness in acne.
  11. I am 22 years old. I have suffered for over a year with severe acne scarring and I thought it would never get better. After many treatments I was able to smooth out a lot of my scars to the point where they really aren't noticeable. I am still bothered by them, but I am able to go out with friends and stuff so I take it they're not that bad. However, during the time I had the scarring I would stress out a lot and get in arguments with my parents because they would tell me I didn't have any sc
  12. You could get a light chemical peel while you're on Tazorac/Retin-A. It would be a good idea that you find a doctor who performs chemical peels before you do one though. My doctor said to stop the Tazorac one day before the light chemical peel. And while the skin is peeling over the next few days you of course will stop the retinoid and resume it the following week. Chemical peels over time will help fade scars and even out pigmentation. If you don't want to do deal with this you could
  13. I wish I used glycolic acid starting when I was 8. This stuff is the fountain of youth! Its cool and tingly when it goes on your skin. It really helps skin tone, keeps skin elastic, helps with acne, helps with scarring. It's a miracle. But it really only is valuable if you start using it daily BEFORE problems happen. For major repairs you'll need Tazorac =/ which causes breakouts....
  14. Yep, Tazorac, like other retinoids will cause breakouts. It sucks, but it works over time to sand down scars. The alternative is glycolic acid (11%) which will not cause breakouts and also works to sand down scars. Use glycolic acid in the form of a toner. However, Tazorac is more effective for plumping up depressed areas and evening out skin tone.