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  1. still thinking to take accutane :/ i also suffer like you did acne destroyed my highschool ,my sociallife
  2. Hello, kayla well i am a male 18 years old and has been suffering from acne when i was 16 (actually acne was my 16th birthday present that god gave me ) i mostly have 2-3 acne in week mostly on my nose or on my cheeks os maybe 1-2 on scalp or forehead but fkin oily skin and pores lol lots of pores i am also impatient but while treating my acne i have understood one thing acne medications needs time to work, so i have tried differin it did not helped me a much and made my spots look more darke
  3. avg08

    Accutane Day 1

    great ! i also have an appointment with doc regarding accutane because it is the only hope that is left for me .please do tell what is your personal experience with accutane! good luck! #fuckacne
  4. actually i have brown skin and have them too but not as much as you have and yes i know i did not have them before i used retina -a ! i think this post is too old now tell me what happenes to these black spots?
  5. i also have them and mostly on my forehead and in summers ! i use aha and bha but no luk!