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  1. Yes good point!. And probably during this process skin loosing lots of vitamin B2, B5, B6, PP and other from that group. Bacterias has easy way to block the pores if skin is lack of vitamins... Maybe market should produce some kind of creams with high concentrate of vitamins :think:
  2. yeah right. Ok so do you think acne is normal if somebody have 27-29 years old??? ......I lived through my best years with this shit. O right so It means God hates me, and really like to watch my pain... :(
  3. Yes I can agree with this. Anyway sea water plus sun are very good for the skin especially with acne. regards.
  4. IF not, seems that acne is a virus that making hormones imbalasing... One of the most important question now is why some people have e.g adult acne, and others not? I can't beleive that this is natural or normal. This is not true of course :naughty: Maybe we should eat totaly something different than today. Human body usually works good. There is NO any reason that sebaceous glands works so hard if you have 25-30 years old... FOR WHAT? And also why some people have such high level of andr
  5. Hi, has anybody noticed that cotton is very bad for oily skin? (neck, back, and even the face if you're sleeping on the pillow). I'm gonna to remove all the cotton materials ( T-shirts, pillows ) from my environment What you think about it?
  6. Hi, maybe it's not "an eureka" but I've noticed (during taking 4,5gram of vitamin B5 that if I'm not washing my face by any of fuc...g soaps or something (only cold water), oil production on my face is much lower. So if we're washing our faces, sebum glands are still working hard, and produce too much sebum. My experience: 4,5gram of Vit B5 + 900mg Vitamin C + B complex 1gram.
  7. Hi, Accutane, Diane-35, BP, tazorac works just like a spring for the androgens. If you'll put away the pils everything back. I wondering WHY some people have such high level of androgens that we don't need and others not? I'm convinced that the nature of human body didn't create such anomaly If I think of evolution. Why some people have bigger sebaceous glands. Just because of vitamin/minerals deficiency/unbalancing. ( As I know sebaceous glands can be bigger or smaller just like a gummy ball a
  8. I really think acne is an effect of vitamin deficiency. I think during the teenage years, and even further some of the people needs to get lot more vitamins than others (I don't know why but maybe their bodies growing slower and needs to get lot more minerals to maintine the process???). So people with acne lives longer ) I've noticed that even Healthy People without acne sometimes have oliy skin, and some spots. Just because they "lost/dropp" some vitamins in some period of time. I think acne
  9. I think B5 works different for each person. For example I'm on B5 too (4,5G/day). After week I've noticed my back "lost" sebum, and going to clean... anyway my face is still oily. I think I'll increase the dosage. I started to take also VIT C, and B complex.
  10. Hm......... I see on my skin that the spots step by step (year after year) are smaler. I think the process started somewhere between 25/26. Now I'm 29 and still have oily face, and back. Anyway definitely my acne is smaller than before. I think in the next two-three years my acne will disappear forever. I got acne when I had 16/17. Ask your mother or father about it. I'm convinced they had the same as you now. For example my mother had acne till 30 years old... Now she has rather dry skin (an
  11. just because bad absorption of vitamins. Try to get also Vit C-500 mg and IRON. In addition eat lots of food rich in vitamins B, and wait for the results. ps. 4.5 gram of Vitamin B5 per day is enough.