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  1. Bump. How long do you have to wait after accutane to use stuff on your face. I want to use "Prosacea" and something with Hyrdoquine like "Acnefree scar fade & erase". How long should I wait?
  2. I finished tane a few weeks ago and I'm pleased with the results. I had and initial breakout on my forehead that left a few scars and I'm wondering when it's OK to put OTC products on them like acnefree scar fade stuff, bio-oil, or that snail-derived product.....ok maybe not that one, sounds a little weird. Even though the marks are a few months old it seems like sooner would be better than later to tray and repair them. If anyone knows what is a good product like the ones I mentioned for thi
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. My dentist asked me about my chapped lips. Sitting with your mouth wide open for 20 minutes doesn't help it.
  4. Labgirl is right, Udo's Choice is even better than flax oil, although it may be less convient to buy than flax oil (cost wise and the fact that not as many places sell it). Either one however would be more effective than popping pills for your EFA's.
  5. I'm in the same situation. I'm on month 2 and just missed 7 days trying to get mine refilled, but I haven't noticed any problems with the break (yet).
  6. Bob, I think it's definitely ok for the omega 3. An even better way is to take some flax oil right before the pill. You would have to take a lot of pills to get the same amount of EFA's as flax oil, and the accutane can follow it right into the blood stream. You can get it at Krogers. I took it from the start with tane and it I think it must have absorbed fast b/c accutane kicked in immediatly like on the 2nd or 3rd day. I'm also taking Vit. E but I'm not sure how much it helps.
  7. Yeah, the prescription basically expires every month and you have to go see them if you want it to continue. It's a good idea to do this early too, because they have to play phone/computer tag with the ipledge system for a while before you can actually pick up your next prescription. Congrats on getting accutane!
  8. Luckily it's not making me breakout, it just roughing up the texture, like rubbing my face with sandpaper. And it's latter burnt you mentioned, though it feels like sunburn. The skins shiny and a little sticky everywhere except for right near my eyes. If a put a towel to it it feels like its taking off little pieces of my face when I pull it back.
  9. It seems like if I wash my face more twice a day on accutane, even with cetaphil cleanser, it becomes very red and shiny (but dry). Is it OK to just rinse it with a little water while in the shower and not wash it except every couple days? My face is very burnt right now...
  10. Hey everybody, I'm on amnesteem (accutane) and I couldn't refill my prescription in time last month because my doctors office always forgets to call and tell ipledge that I've been to see him. So I was out of pills for a few days. Now, I went back again to refill it and they won't let me because they say I have to wait a month since the last time I refilled it - which will mean I will run out again for three days . Is there any way I can talk to a human person at ipledge and have them fix t