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  1. Its a complement to other face masks

    Lemon and sugar its mostly used as a pre-mask... I tried it and it's good for the skin, it is slow if what you want to do is get rid of pimples. But it leaves skin looking healthy, smooth and feeling soft. If you want to use it for acne purposes i suggest using it before another mask because the purpuse of lemon and sugar its to get rid of the dead skin (not acne but can help) and to open up your pores. Apply it, massage it, rinse it out... and now that your pores are open
  2. Solimafidah

    Its good for me

    Its good for me

    Out of all the oils i tried. This would be the one that worked the most for me when applied as a face mask.. according to my research, all oils are good for the right person. It really depends on your skintype as to what oil you should use.
  3. Depends on the oil

    I tried this with three different types of oils. The one thay worked for my skin was grapeseed oil. The ones that did not work were Olive and Coconut. But the oil that works depends on your skintype
  4. Oils depend on the skin type

    I tried some different types of oils and olive was one of them. It did not work for me! But doesnt mean it wont work for anyone. After i had tried coconut and olive oil. I came acroos a website that put the oils into cathegories. I wish i could find it again and link it. Point is, there are two substances oils mainly have X and Y. Cathegories were divided into what had less amount of Y, less for X or equal... and what worked better for what skin type... so coconut oil worke
  5. Love it.. it has to be Raw honey to work!!

    So far raw honey mask its what i have used the longest. I saw results within the first day and thats whats i like when i use a product. I leave it for about 10min at night and sometimes in the morning. I usually apply it alone but i have also tried it with lemon and cinammon. Both work well... i find it works better when i apply a little bit of water afterwards and massage it. Always dry my face with a paper towel to makesure its clean. during my research i saw that raw honey was the one to use
  6. Solimafidah

    Tried once

    Tried once

    I tried it once as a mask, i fins it's more mess than i want, read a lot that makes skin dry and did not work for me, i have tried other treatments that i can see at least a slight result within the first application. This wasnt one of them.