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  1. Over the past few years I've had more trouble with inflamed acne in my T-zone. Most of that has cleared up and I don't have much of a problem with it anymore. I went through several drugstore brands, then proactive, a derm's prescribed benzaclin and differin .01 -later differin .03. My problem is, my cheeks have always been almost perfect until about a year ago when I started getting these fleshy bumps on them. I do have a few blackheads here and there, mostly by my nose, but these dominate my c
  2. I cant help but realize that after I stopped picking, my skin doesnt have any of the super flaky areas, or the scabs or nearly as much hyperpigmentation. HOWEVER: I do notice I have an insane amount of little clogged pores, tiny comedones, blackheads and the like. So if not picking is supposed to help so much why does it still look like shit? I don't mean this in a bad way, but i feel like it just presents another step in this never ending process of clearing up your skin Anybody else notice
  3. I go into a trance-like state, and i end up picking everything. clogged pores, blackheads, and even "bance" are fair game. I loose track of time and the only goal i have is to get rid of this oil in my skin. Its super wierd, and I'm trying not to pick anymore. I don't wear contacts or glasses into the bathroom anymore so that i don't get tempted to look in the mirror, just wash and get out of there. However, I will not pick in the middle of my forehead becuase its in the center of my face an
  4. wow, this is an amazing idea! I'm surprised that TruLife hasn't done some sort of thing on this yet. I became a very bitter and controlling person for about 4 years after i started breaking out mildly and it controlled me. I had almost no social life. I felt ugly and unwanted, but i became a habitual picker and it just made things worse. My school guidance counselor actually said something about it in a meeting but i ignored it and she said nothing further. Recently I have been getting over the
  5. Has anyone else found themselves completely unable to go out of the house without makeup on? I am a swimmer and have to put some on even after i get out of the pool. Without makeup i feel completely naked and ugly. Anyone have any stories?
  6. A boy who was 3 years older than me tormented me in 5th grade all year becuase i had one on the center of my nose at the beginning of the year. He called me rudolph, he laughed and made fun for at least 3 minutes after I got on the bus every morning, and even when he passed me in the hall
  7. I personally like "sky-high curves" waterproof. It looks natural but is still bold. (in a light blue tube) . . . can't remember who it's by . . .
  8. ta-da! Check this out http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=101434
  9. The best make-up for acne plagued skin is definitely . . . (in order) Cleaning- Do your regular skin stuff, but don't put any goop on that will sit on the skin. Make sure you use a moisturizer so that your skin is less likely to soak up anything that may possibly cause any pimplesConcealer- for those really big and annoying red blotches, us a brush and dab ONLY on the red areas, otherwise you'll cancel all of your hard woor outFoundation- -if you have red/uneven skin tone, make sure
  10. I agree, mine has spread from my forehead to the nose to the chin to the cheeks to the neck to the chest to the back very very slowly
  11. I wish my skin would look good at any time, I'd take it where I can get it