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  1. If you decide to use any cream, use Retin A (Tretinoin). Tread lightly with it because it can be irritating, especially under the eyes. As I said earlier, creams will not necessarily help much, but everyone is different so give it a shot if you think it will produce results.
  2. Those are just enlarged oil glands aka sebaceous glands. They are not milia or syringomas. Everyone has oil glands underneath their eyes, some individuals may have more apparent glands due to thin skin. I have these as well. I have had a number of treatments. They've improved, but they can return as these glands are a normal part of the skin structure. Do not waste your money or time using creams/gels. The glands are too far in the dermis to respond to any kind of superficial treatmen
  3. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I know how hard it is to stay away from mirrors. I have a handheld mirror I carry with me everywhere. Even at work, I sneak into the bathrooms to look at my skin and analyze it in every which way. It's kind of a mind fuck because my skin will look different depending on the lighting. Anyways, I'm sure we're all guilty of picking our spots, some more than others. I don't want to leave the house if I have a huge scab from picking, so that's my motivation
  4. Yes. A lot of people use peels for spot treating.
  5. Those look like typical whiteheads to me. I could be wrong.
  6. Stridex maximum strength pads have really helped me with those bumps on my forehead. The pads are alcohol free and the active ingredient in them is 2% salicylic acid. SA is great for penetrating pores deeply.
  7. Sorry about the tough luck you're having when it comes to finding a derm. I had the most rude and unprofessional "derm" that I felt compelled to write a review on Yelp to warn others. After doing so, I reveived a letter in the mail that was formally saying that Dr. **** doesn't feel it's necessary for me to come back. Not that I would have... Anyways, if the derms you're seeing aren't making you comfortable, get out of there. Never settle. They aren't worth it. Given your location, I thin
  8. Have you ever used one of those sponge type things that you wet? I try to limit my makeup to just my undereye area (I like to brighten that area), and I have found that works beautifully. I have skin that runs dry and this particular method trumps all other ways of applying makeup, in my opinion.
  9. Because I was weary of the smell, I tested it on my hand. I dipped the toothpick in the bottle, pressed it on my hand, and the tiniest sting happened. That's not right. I've used 12.5% TCA and with THAT, I had a burning sensation as well as frosting. So, I emailed her and it's a mess.
  10. Thanks for the concern, but I was actually going to edit my original post to say that I don't need people chiming in with things related to what you said. All I wanted to know was if I should proceed using hers, or if I should buy elsewhere. Thanks anyways.
  11. I purchased Julie's Cross Kit and just received it. I'm a bit skeptical of the quality. First off, this is deemed as 99% pure medical grade TCA. When I opened the bottle of solution, there was no scent. Well, there kinda was an odd scent, like ass. Not even kidding. I dipped a toothpick in the solution and tried it on my hand. There was no reaction. Maybe a tiny bit of stinging, but that's it. Before I use this on my face, I'm wondering if I should just buy off Amazon or eBay. I figured hers
  12. For me, AmLactin helps reduce those pesky flesh colored bumps. I sometimes get those on my forehead and that seems to be the only thing to help me.
  13. However long you want. Some people use it 10 mins, a half hr, 1+ hours, so on. Whatever works for you!
  14. I just purchased these pills and I'm a bit hesitant to even take 25,000 IU. There's so much information on this and what's safe and what isn't. The warning on the bottle says the product contains a chemical known to California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. That freaks me out. I'm not trying to conceive or anything, but that's not the most pleasant thing to read.
  15. Okay, I get these suckers too from time to time. I'm pretty sure mine are caused by dry skin. I tend to have skin that is on the drier side, and whenever I exfoliate, they start to go away but come back just as quickly if I'm not diligent with exfoliation... which I'm not because I like to leave my skin alone.