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  1. For some people, natural methods work better for their skin rather than chemical ones. Tea Tree Oil can help rid the skin of acne causing bacteria, but is also very drying. Make sure if you're using straight oil, you use 100% organic Tea Tree Oil. I would also only use the oil as a spot treatment, and avoid using it all over your entire face, unless you dilute the solution in water so you don't dry out your skin. Tea Tree Oil shouldn't be causing more breakouts, so if you continue to get wh
  2. Dandruff is very closely related to Seborrheic Dermatitis, I think it can even be diagnosed as dandruff. Getting small bumps is also common. This is an exert from the Wikipedia: Seborrhoeic dermatitis' symptoms appear gradually and usually the first signs are flaky skin and scalp. Symptoms occur most commonly anywhere on the skin of the face, behind the ears and in areas where the skin folds. Flakes may be yellow, white or grayish. Redness and flaking may also occur on the skin near the eyel
  3. I would definitely suggest seeing either a doctor or a dermatologist. Is it also red or inflamed around the dry areas, and is the skin peeling? Have you noticed it on your scalp? When you mentioned neck, ears & behind the ears and eyebrows I immediately thought of Seborrheic Dermatitis, which my SO suffers from. Most common areas affected by Seborrheic Dermatitis include the scalp, face, neck, ears & eyebrows. It's itchy and irritating and usually only gets relieved by medicated lo
  4. These are large pores. I have almost the exact same thing right near my eyebrows. The only thing I've found that works for reducing pore size/evening out skin texture personally is using a product containing BHA. If you're washing your face twice a day it may also help to moisturize twice a day as well.
  5. I use Benton Aloe BHA Toner and apply a small amount of Cosrx AHA Whitehead Power Liquid on any red marks left behind by previous breakouts. They start to clear up within a few days, and my really bad scarring cleared up within a couple months. I've also used Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, but replaced it with the BHA Toner for now. You could also try using a product containing Niacinamide, which also helped reduce a lot of my old scarring's redness.
  6. The redness may be coming from overuse of product. Did you immediately jump to using glycolic acid every day or work your way up? I would suggest if you reintroduce glycolic acid to your routine, use it every other day or so before doing daily applications. Your skin could also be dry from the BP in The Regimen. I know when I use too much of the BP my skin becomes inflamed like your pictures. Especially near the eye and upper cheek area, since the skin seems to be a lot thinner there. Since
  7. I'm sure a dermatologist visit will be worth it! If you're spending time outside definitely invest in something with SPF. I use Cerave AM Moisturizing Lotion With SPF30, and it seems to work well on my skin but it does contain niacinamide that some people can have a sensitivity to. Niacinamide is great for reducing redness though. Sun exposure is actually known to be a cause for breakouts in some people, and also makes redness or scarring darker and more difficult to heal, so be careful out
  8. What products are you using currently? You mentioned Benzolac didn't work for you, did it make your acne worse or do nothing at all? For scarring, I always use BHA + AHA and the lighter scars start to fade after a week or so, darker scarring can take months to clear up. I'm sorry to hear you were being bullied about your skin. Try to remember that acne is just a part of being human, and you're beautiful regardless of how your skin condition is.
  9. I would recommend seeing a dermatologist because your acne could be hormonal, but if that is entirely out of the question.. What products are you using right now? Try sleeping on either a clean pillowcase or clean towel every night, and make sure you are drinking a lot of water. I would personally avoid using any oils at the moment, especially since a lot of them are comedogenic.
  10. These are closed comedones! I've never suffered from them personally, but I have read many testimonies from people who got rid of them using a BHA + AHA routine. I think AHA is the one that actually helps clear them up. I believe Acne.org's The Regimen has AHA in it, but you can also find it from Paula's Choice or Cosrx.
  11. Does the bump feel like it extends deep into the skin? Is it painful? It looks like a cystic pimple to me, or maybe even an ingrown hair. Try not to do anything abrasive to it as you could end up with irritation, and definitely resist the urge to pop it.
  12. wow, haven't been on this site in a while. i managed to clear my acne up completely for a few months using The Regimen, but a week ago I stupidly drank a glass of milk (which I've found out to be a huge trigger to my cystic acne), so now I'm dealing with a big cluster of cysts on my jaw, chin and cheek. i'm pretty pissed at myself because not only do I have to manage the breakout, but now I have to dry my skin out to get rid of it, and it takes an additional 2~ish weeks to re-hydrate my dry skin
  13. Hello User273921. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much with breakouts! I know your pain. I promise you your acne is not disgusting, it's simply human. You're beautiful no matter what. Anyways, sorry for the load of questions but knowing them can better my advice. How much water do you drink? Have you tried sleeping on a clean towel every night? Oils from your hair and face often get clumped up in the fabric of pillowcases, and create breakouts. Do you sleep with your hair u
  14. It could. All skin types are different, so you won't really know for sure unless you try. Make sure you use your products exactly the same for two weeks before coming to a conclusion about them, though.
  15. I definitely have some self-hatred that stems from my past. I got bullied a lot after I moved out of California to Utah, never got accepted by anyone and got pretty severely outcasted and bullied (even by teachers and especially the VP). Lasted a good 6 years. Dropped out of highschool because of it. As I grew older I began to stop giving a shit about other people and their insignificant opinions about me, but my hatred towards myself continued to grow. It's always going to be there, I know that