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  1. So it's been 4 years since I started my post. I haven't been on here for years. But for everyone needing hope this was my story. I am Hayley I am acne free I am me
  2. I literally don't use anything Kim as like you i am petrified of putting anything on my face I use simple face wash moisturiser in the evening to remove the BBcream and other dirt but just cold water in the morning, once I have been acne free for a year I will experiment a bit more lol. I still take the yasim pill which must be helping too. I'm so pleased you've finished the treatment the next four weeks you'll see a massive change .do you have a post of your own?
  3. Hi ya kimber607 sorry I just got this I really don't know what my total cumm dose was all I knew is that I took 50mg for 4 months. How are you getting on now? I had such stubborn acne I honestly thought nothing would work, I still had sensitive acne skin after finishing my prescription I was mortified but since my last up date I still have not had one pimple on my face, I often think about this site and how much it supported me as no one REALLY understood my feelings who were around me so it's
  4. Hi everyone! Was thinking about the past 7 months and how far I've come and decided to give an update. Ive come along way, I have been spot free for ages, to the point I don't wake up looking at the mirror to find another spot on my face. Scarring is still here but it is fading and I couldn't be happier! If anyone reads this and doubts accutane PLEASE don't it will work. Just take the tablets as you are told to and take care looking after your skin as it's a rocky ride. At the beginning I di
  5. I Emmygirl thanks for taking the time to read my log. When did you decide to go for the second treatment? I was only on accutane for 4 months and oh my word it was so horrible haha I didn't expect any less thou! I just don't think I was treated fairly towards the end, I only ever had two blood tests and they were right from the beginning so I have no idea what my blood levels are like. But I have been lucky I haven't had any serious flair up and my scarring is fading. I still like to come on
  6. So a quick update. My lips are fine wahoo have been for a couple of weeks now. And yesterday I noticed the oils on my face and hair returning. I've not had any active spots but my scarring is pretty bad. I didn't think it would bother me as all I've ever wanted in life was to Be acne free but it seems I've jumped one hurdle to find another one twice as high in front of me. Time heals I guess. I hope everyone is getting on ok
  7. Thanks Maryc I only stopped taking accutane 2 weeks ago at 50mg. Thank you for responding
  8. Hi Casey, the system isn't allowing me to carry on with treatment, I'll have to look into getting a second course but I doubt I'll be allowed it do it so soon. It's so upsetting and I'm feeling really down about it as I know month 5 would of been that miracle month for me that everyone talks about.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm in the uk and received only 4 months(apparently standard here) of accutane. I do feel the system has let me down as to which they did when I was just 14. The nhs have left me high and dry with no help or support. All I want is clear skin it's all I've ever wanted( I've suffered for nearly 19 years of acne) Can anyone give me some advice on where I go from here. The picture I'm going to post may seem mild and you may think it's only scarring but I do still suffer from acne and
  10. So I went to the dermatologist office and he wouldn't ben see me as at my last consultation he discharged me! How fraustrating is that?!??!? I'd have to go to my gp to be refered again which means id have to go through all the motions again which takes months. I'm really unhappy about it I've had a cyst in my typical area which is under my jawline I hear accutane works still afte taking the pills for a bit so I'm gonna wait and see what happens. For a second course is there usually a time l
  11. I'm in the uk Kim, I have to go to the nhs, they have all these rules and regulations I'm gonna try one more time going to the dermatologist tomorrow, I haven't taken my tablet for 5 days now, not sure if they'll say it's out of my system now and that it'll be like starting from day one if I get them. Why is your derm wanting to put you up to 80mg if your happy with 60mg? Why don't you try the 80mg and see what happens? If your not happy go down to 50mg then slowly build the mg's up again
  12. How is the tablets given to you? Is it just one tablet of 80mg? Now I know what I know I really would of preferred a Lower dosage for a longer period of time. 4 months that's all I've done give it 2/3 months I know there are going to be problems Knowing I don't have my tablets to take each night I have noticed I consciously worry about what I eat already
  13. So I am not able to array onto month 5 I got the prescription by my derm the last time I saw him but he said as it was earlier than usual I wouldn't be able to pick my tablets up at the pharmacy as the don't over prescribe and to collect a week before I run out. Well I go to the pharmacy and she says my prescription has expired as I need another pregnancy test. No one was very helpful! Id end up waiting for another month to see my derm to which there would be no point. Strange how your derm