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  1. Wow...That's scary!! Acne has been in control of my life since I was 11, now I am 20 and everyone keeps saying I will grow out of it...I'm just wondering if getting rid of my acne in perhaps a shorter period is worth that sort of health risk. My job is very physically demanding..I couldn't afford something like that happening to me. Did you sue? I've read a lot about people suing their doctors and such because they weren't informed of all possible side affects long and short term.. But thats
  2. I've been on Diane 35 for 3 years...and i haven't experienced and loss in my sex drive...im not sure tho everyone responds to medication differently! You should probably tell your doctor that you are sexually active though. Even tho you are using B/C she should know that you are just incase something happens...If you by chance get pregnant (which you wont..lol) and you tell your doctor that while still sticking with the sexless story..i doubt she will believe that you slipped and fell..landed..w
  3. My ex-bf had a steam shower..and I use to use it twice a day with ucaliptice (sp?) oil..it really cleared up my skin...after I broke up with him..i didnt have the steam shower..and guess what? the stupid things came back!! lol..i should have just stayed I suppose!! haha I've also heard that saunas work wonders...just be careful they can get harmful if you stay in them too long!! lol.. anyways good luck and have fun!! lol :dance: *ashlee
  4. Alright, I have suffered from acne since the young age of 11 and it has only gotten worse as the time as gone on. I am now 20 years old and not only have a pizza face but now I have pretty severe scarring. I recently had my first appointment with a derm. and he immediately thru the Accutane(40mg) method at me. At first I was excited, I had heard about it and seen some of the outcome it had on other people. Now, knowing the mild to severe side affects of it, I'm nervous and unsure whether I