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  1. Hi! Im same age as you, and the best advice I can give you is.... 1. Forget about what everyone says regarding clearing up in 1 week or so cause its bull. 2. Aim for 2-3 or more month period to expect results. 3. After your intial breakout it might get worse so don't panic. Finally, it does work and one day you will say "OMG I look great" Good luck
  2. At most I suggest you consider small dosage treatment. However, having said I would'nt bother too much, as even after treatment I was perfect clear and then started getting red spots once in a while...So yeah
  3. Dear All, Quick background ----Treatment taken ---- Problem Solved. Now I have occasional small red spots (nothing to worry about) after the treatment was over. My question is if I can take any natural product that will reduce the oily skin from coming back. (Like taking Vitamin A since its so much simlar to isotretonin?) Im thinking taking Vitamin A tablets may help reduce oil. Im not sure do we have any natural products that can keep skin dry and help reduce relapse? Feel free to discus