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  1. i hate those so much. i brush it barely and it hurts like someone just lodged a sharp object into my skin it even gets a life of its own.. it has a heartbeat! i don't know if helps any.. but i find myself wincing at the pain and tightening my facial muscles as a response to the pain and i have to consciously relax my facial muscles to ease the temporary stab of pain i apply antibiotic ointment to remind me not to touch it.. it screams out to be touched .. those usually form into whiteheads in
  2. hi. im not a professional and i dont know much but i can think of two possibilities 1. you felt the minor skin irritation as a pimple was already forming and touched it consciously/unconsciously? 2. your current method of skincare is leaving your skin open to infection so just a touch is enough to infect it? for me.. when i have some kind of irritation i usually apply a layer of neosporin ointment it doesnt immediately help but the irritation goes away and the ointment itself reminds me not t
  3. Doesn't PRO mean For, so it means for acne
  4. Repeating myself from a recent post on this subject: Caffeine is a stimulant. You do the math. =)
  5. Lol yeh that was at the top of the page where I quoted from Dan's FAQ. The thing is if bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, why would we need to put anything on our skin at all? Oxygen is around us 24/7 and the skin NEEDS oxygen to function, breath, develop etc. Without it it just dries out and peels off. What I think Dan meant was: Bacteria cannot survive WITHOUT oxygen hence B.P. reduces the amount of oxygen that can get to the skin. This is why B.P. makes our skin peel! B
  6. My thoughts on this matter.. The BP has already done its damage. I'm assuming your T-shirt is cotton. Cotton gets its color from dyes. When the BP came in contact with the dye.. the dye is "loosened" and the damage is done. When you wash it it slowly seperates the dye from the cotton. This is just a theory. =)
  7. i think the people on the forum calls them pits caused by a cyst that didnt heal well i dont think those go away O.o i could be wrong
  8. the bring to surface is the nice way of putting it. in reality the bp does this at first because it irritates your skin and your skin responds by excreting more oil and that pushes it out the blackheads and um.. the whiteheads .. well. u get te picture..
  9. disinfect needle using a flame puncture WHITEHEAD with needle gently squeeze the area around it to ease the pus/blockage out stop when clear fluid/blood starts to come out disinfect the area using some disinfecting agent like alcohol (cept for the alcohol part the instructions came from somewhere on acne.org forgot where)
  10. using caffeine to push your body into overdrive will cause stress. in turn it will up the oil output on your face from experience
  11. the red marks will fade over time. about 6 months ? and to my knowledge getting pimples is a case of acne and scars form when u pick a scab/get a deep wound
  12. Where do Deodorant manufacturers acquire the Urea from.. To my knowledge Urea is Urine ? Okay, I'm being silly.. but I can't get over the fact that imagining the company workers taking a piss to add it to the mix.. :-s