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  1. Hello fellow sufferer, i too get zits on my upper lip area and sometimes on my lipline. the ones on my lipline are extremely painful! and red, and very niticible. sometimes i miss a couple days of school because of it
  2. I am, im %99.3 sure its because of my acne . I better be effing hott in the next couple of years.
  3. Thanks! Im heading out to walgreens tomorrow and im gonna wipe out the whole make up department
  4. Hmm, i understand that there are 'steps'. But what do i apply first? Liquid then powder? Yeesh, men are lucky
  5. You know whats strange? You look exactly like me(skin wise). The coverage looks awsome, i will definetly look into it. Thanks
  6. Im 15 and had acne since i was 12(normal?!), anyways...Summer is almost here and im sick of not going out because of me acne. I've been lurking around the forums now for awhile, dans regimen has helped me quite a bit . I came here for make up help.. . I've NEVER worn make up before and i dont even know how to apply it, or where to start! I have alot of old acne scars i want to cover up. I would really like to start going out now, i mean, high school is suppose to be some of the best years of