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  1. It started as a very small black dot in my stomach. It was raised a litlte bit but there was no pain and puss. Twice in the past three months, it has become inflamed, red and hard under my skin. There is a whitehead to it and it hurts very much to touch. Nothing really comes out when I squeeze it, just a tiny amount of puss. Could this just be a pimple??
  2. Well said. And for those who say they want to get rid of it NOW...I agree!! I hate any kind of pimples-small barely noticable or just painful icky ones. I wish I didnt break out at all. I work with youth that have nothing,even during those hormonal years they have clear skin..it makes me jealous. But like you said. We cant be slaves to it and stress and pick and stare. Be who you are. The person you want to be without acne. Everyone has something that they dont like about themselves but carry yo
  3. How are we sure what flares up our acne? I see posts about not drinking milk or eating dairy, no carbs or sugars. Use this product and not that product. We are all different. What might work for me, might work for you too. Or not! But how do we know for sure what is causing our acne flare ups? I dont watch my diet to be honest. I should eat a lot healthier but I eat a good amount of chicken, try to eat some fruit each day, drink plenty of water, take a multi vitamin every day, exercise religio
  4. Glad to see that the face wash I use has a very low risk!!!
  5. I was in the shower this morning thinking about my skin. I bought some flax seeds which is supposed to be good for you and maybe your skin and thought "with cleansers and gels and GA, SA and BP, vitamins and masks, how do we know what is clearing our skin or not?? So I put my GA/Sa combo along with my BP lotion and Jojoba oil in the drawer in my bathroom. I am going to stick with my Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil with Awapi facial cleanser and nothing else and see what happens for two weeks. My
  6. I had a cyst on my chin starting last Monday. It hurt a little bit but felt huge under the surface. I had a facial appointment and instead of extracting it (that would have been PAINFUL) she took a tool and zapped it. It felt like a little lightning bolt on the pimple. It was a high frequency tool that zaps it. That was Saturday evening and by today, it is still a bump but small and no longer red.
  7. I have this huge painful pimple on the left corner of my chin right now. It feels deep and hard and not outside of the skin yet, if that makes sense. Luckily, I cant pick at it because it has no head but geez...it is driving me crazy! I mostly get little pimples around my chin and cheeks...my forehead has bumps on them but no outer pimples. I feel I will never be 100% clear!
  8. After spending a lot of money on expensive cleansers over and over again I fould something that seems to be working.... Desert Essence Thouroughly Clean Face wash with Tea Tree Oil and Awaphi 4 days a week using Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Clearing Gel morning and night after washing 3 Days a week using PTH Clearing Gel in the morning and Jojoba oil at night Gently using apricot scrub to exfoliate...very gently....once a week I mouisturize with Loreal Vitamin E at night and use Murad Redness ther
  9. I have had the same problem. My cheeks are my primary source of breakouts along with redness along my chin. I was asked if I used birth control pills and when I said yes, the esthetician said that can cause breakouts on the cheeks. Random horomonal spot I guess. I could feel bumpy spots on my cheeks and have red marks from past acne! Microdermabrasion did help get those marks to disappear but have had breakouts since then to reclaim the redness!
  10. Usually with any new skin care products, it is normal to break out before getting better. Your face is responding to the ingrediants and "purging." It sucks but it can be normal. If you continue to break out for a while, I would stop using it. Proactiv worked for me for a while and then just stopped working. I wasnt seeing great results anymore. That is what the money back guarentee is for!
  11. I cant remember if it was this message board or another... Has anyone used Epidermix microderm product? Or the camellia oil? I am using Jojoba oil and it has not caused me to break out at all so I figure it must be doing some good but I need a gentle exfoilator (if there is such thing!).
  12. When I think back to my breakout cycles, when I started BCP in October of 2004, I broke out really bad but I was also using this new face wash.I changed BCP but still had a tendency to break out. Pills can either clear you up or make your horomones go crazy. I was told my acne was purely hormonal (which is fitting because I am an emotional person!!). I am using Desert Essence Wash right now and have noticed some results but the BCP might be causing the breakouts...
  13. Glad other people are in the same situation as I am. However, after using this Desert Essence face wash and Jojoba oil for almost a week now, my face is clearing up. It is crazy. I spent over $100 on three products that an esthetician suggested and it did nothing for me. Suddenly, it is clearing up little by litte but I notice the redness from my long time pimple spots (cheeks) are fading. I went on a couple different BCP over the past two years b/c some of them were making me extremely emotion
  14. I have been dealing with acne for a while now. I am going to be 27 in two months and am SO tired of having bad skin. After doing a lot of research online about the harmful ingrediants in most "expensive" facial washes, I went and bought some all natural wash from Desert Essence. It has tea tree oil in it and I also bought Jojoba Oil. I have only been using it for a couple days so I have yet to know if it will completely work.... Anyways... I went to get a facial a couple weeks ago and the esth
  15. I used Murad for about a week and both sides of my chin broke out in the most painful acne ever. I also used Proactiv for a while and saw ok results. Nothing like the commercials for me. But what I have discovered is that every one has different skin. I think your skin is supposed to "purge" when using a new product but that Murad was horrible. I have been looking at natural products. Those without those long words in the ingrediants. I might go see a dermotologist too. I am so tired of having