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  1. hey, how are you doing well i tried to use the coverblend, and most likely will have to for a few months. it really does cover, but the color does not seem too natural. it is a bit of a dry, cakeky look. any advice on how to apply to whole face? should i just use less? put a lot of moisturizer before? ritzvin an Jenn what do u do? i need to use it all over because my sports are so big and mostly on my left face, it looks strange if i leave half of my face without makeup. thank
  2. hey this is an article i read about scars..they talk about massaging the scar when its pink about 3 wks after wound or whatever heals... Scar massage: The body heals wounds by laying down new proteins. The healing area is a ridge that can be felt along the site of the cut. Massage can help this smooth out to a flat surface. Using a thick moisturizer (cocoa butter, vitamin E, shortening, etc.), rub the wound for five to 10 minutes twice daily. You must use enough pressure to change the col
  3. Backslash thanks a lot for your post i also have success with bp but my biggest problem is the big cysts i tend to get two or so every month or more. the pimples i know go away with bp, but the painful red cysts, like you said can't even be covered... i am going to try the hydrocortisone,,,and it makes sense that it should work. From what i heard dermatologists inject a type of steroid for systs. But sometimes if they inject too much they could cause an indent. I also read to ice
  4. thanks to all thanks ritzvin, i did go and i did put my zip code, and they gave me cosmetics 516 5th and 43str ny ny 10036 ph# 212-221-6560 it was great. i went there. they had coverblend and dermablend. which was great cause i wanted to try them both. i did try them both and ended up with natrual sand in coverblend. none of the dermablend seemed a perfect match. i have not worn the coverblend yet, but it did cover one red spot greatly and was opaque and seemed to stay. maybe i'll
  5. mmmh no replies? well my conclusion so far is if the red spot is relatively big, leave it alone and apply only neosporin. cause i applied the other stuff and maybe it was the retinA but got thin and part of it peeled off. so that will further delay healing ](*,) ok, so i will leave it alone and just put neosporin. any suggestions when i should apply anything else? maybe one to two weeks?
  6. oh boy, thank god i read somewhere here not to put mederma on newly healed skin cause it prevents growth. well can u please put here all the products u do recommend to improve healing of red mark? i have: duderm-but a bit rough so may use when closer to real skin mederma vaseline neosporin scarzone acne topical diminishing cream vitak cocoa butter formula with vit E retin-A tape--haven't used it but read about it here, consider it or too early? please advise, this is for my f
  7. Phil, yea u do look good and much improved, but how and why would your doc want u to have liposuction?what did u tell him was your goal? and u had lip silicon? what state, city do u live in? maybe i missed that. so u mentioned that mixing topicals helped. by mixing u mean apply one at a time one after the other or literally mixing? u apply with your finger or qtip or something else? and did u mention what u appleied? and what percent improvement? i also unfortunately picked my acne. so
  8. hey just a note when i went to the derm with open wound as a result of touching a pimple on my forehead, she suggested to use duoderm once it healed and it reached the already skin there stage (when its healed, no scab, red skin). she said to use that to speed up the healing process. i did, and i used it once in a while on others and it does seem to help the indent and red go away probably a bit faster. i just used it now for a couple of days on a red mark that is new and it went away almost.
  9. does anyone know from experience or visit from plastic surgeon how long have to wait from brand new scar until have surgery? i heard 6mo to one year. but thats long. is it until not red anymore? please advise. on plastic surgeon said u don't have to wait 6 mo but i forgot to ask how long to wait...mmmh..i wanna go to free dr Rapaport visit and get work done. but i think its too soon.
  10. hi, i need really good coverage at this time. I read about coverblend here. i live in nyc and seem to not be able to find a store that carries it. i found it at sephora but online, i went to the store and called but they don't carry it. Does anyone know where i can get it closest to nyc or in nyc? i dont want to buy it and it be the wrong color. but i guess i will have to if i don't firgure this out soon. Also i am having difficulty deciding between the colors online. I looked at the Neostra
  11. Jenn4dex, about the sally hansen firming pressed powder in nude...does it cover? or is it just to keep the foundation from not fading? i'm asking cause i'm looking for some powder to cover...and i'm also interested in buying the coverblend foundation which i think u mentioned in another post that u use. so are these two a good combination? i need very good coverage, but would like natural somehat look. if that is at all possible. thanks
  12. do they have exuviance at department stores? i tried to look at website and match color but still not sure. i use natural covergirl...maybe desert sand? i would like to at least try it on my forearm...it is as good coverage as dermablend (never tired)? better than colorstay?