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  1. Acne ruined my life. I used to be able to talk to people and have long meaningful conversations and all that but now I'm a caveman at home waiting for this shit storm to blow over. There's this really close friend I have and even she noticed that I've changed. She told me one day "how come we don't have anymore real conversations " And that day I went home and stared at my ceiling absolutely crushed . Acne has taken my social life , LITERALLY robbed me of confidence . I'm scared of think
  2. It's still horrible and I still get stared at I'm still scared of mirrors cameras and any reflective surface
  3. Okay well shit. This is so bad . Suffering everyday every fuckin day. Why me I can't even hang out with my friends anymore , they all look at me like I'm some type of discusting creature . I can't function normally. And I'm literally not exaggerating . When I'm in line at the store I get all nervous and shaky and shit and people notice it. It's just that everyone stares and shit I don't want people to look at me . Because this isn't me. I get nervous when I talk to people sometimes I can't