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  1. do you guys think this is a really bad idea? i have always wondered why sometimes i get pimples around my hairline, and since i cant really see them i never bother to put any bp on them really...and they always go away really fast...so right now i have a pimple on my forehead so i decided not to put any bp on it...do you think that is a really bad idea? or that maybe, just maybe when i put a lot of bp on a pimple it aggravates it?
  2. seriously, i have a pimple for like two months. it will last like a week or two and then heal and then come right back. it is on the fourth time right now. seriously, is it everrrrrrrr going to go away???/ what am i doing wrong. please does anyone know anything?
  3. i have had the same pimple for 3 weeks, when will it go away? am i doing something wrong???
  4. hey everyone, i was wondering if an increase in the amount you eat and esepcially greasy, fatty foods could increase acne. i started using birth control last summer to clear up my acne and it worked really well...but all of a sudden, i have been breaking out a lot more...i have been really stressed but its been about 2 months of a constant break out. i know i have not been eating well recently, could this be playing a part? or do you think my birth control is just no longer working? thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I am new to the boards. I am 18 years old, and I have a question. To be more specific I am seeking advice. I will try and be brief but here it goes: My older sister and brother have always had really bad acne and gone through the works with it. Every medication you can think of. Accutane cleared it for both of them. However, I am the youngest and up to a little bit ago did not seem to be following in their footsteps. I still don't think I am...but....well I would say I don't have h