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  1. I've been on various forms of hormonal BC for 11 yrs. (Orthotricyclen, a generic BCP, back to Ortho-tri, then the Nuvaring.) My husband and I want to start TTC next summer, and I've had it with the side effects of the Nuvaring. (panic attacks, nightmares, depression, acne, mood swings, severe headaches.) These side effects always seemed like something I had to put up with to not get pregnant. But now that I am married and we are talking about being pregnant someday, I am so excited to get off h
  2. Thanks, Ladies! Great advice. I definitely need to stay calm and not stress out! (yeah, that's easy! haha) I am about to run out of Dan's cleanser, so I just went to WalMart and bought a bottle of Purpose cleanser. I hope that doesn't make much difference. Ideally, maybe it will work better than Dan's, as in less drying. My eye area gets SO dry and flaky with Dan's cleanser. On Saturday I am going for a facial from a lady who knows all about acne prone skin. She says they use very go
  3. I'm getting married in 31 DAYS and I STILL have not found a regimen that works well for me. I'm starting to panic! I hope 30 days out isn't too close to switch products, but I don't know what to do...I am currently using Dan's cleanser & BP with Cetaphil moisturizer. I've sporadically used a few drops of jojoba oil after cleansing while my skin is still wet, and also aspirin scrubs/masks and Queen Helene Mint Julep masks. UGH!!!!! I just know I will have pimples in my wedding pict
  4. great, now my undereye skin is PEELING and more FLAKY. I put vaseline and Burt's Bees on as soon as I got home from work. (washed off all make up first.) PEELING. It's bad enough to have acne. Now this.
  5. Yes, it's very possible. I'm going to change all my pillowcases. It's also maybe because I have to rush in the morning so maybe the BP isn't soaked thoroughly when I apply the moisturizer... Well, maybe not quite half a bottle...I've used maybe 1/4... ...I slept with vaseline on my eyes last night. I'm going to get wrinkles and this is freaking me out!
  6. I've been using the CSR for a while now (gone through about three tubes of Dan's BP). I also have used about half a bottle of the CSR cleanser. Lately, over the past three days my undereye skin has gotten SO ROUGH and DRY to the point where it almost flakes off and it feels tight around my eyes... What is causing this? When my eyes felt dry I bought Burt's Bees Royal Jelly Eye Cream. Then the dryness got much worse. Can an eye cream cause dryness????? I also thought it could be from us
  7. ifonly, if you find that it still itches, you're right--it may be your brush. Their premium brushes (the white sable ones) are great...very soft and mine don't shed at all. It may be the natural hair that itches you. If so, try the synthetic brushes. Good luck! :D
  8. I really like the semi-matte and the intensive formulas. I use the matte, too, because sometimes I like little to no shine. I have fairly oily skin as well. But the BP makes it dry when I use a lot of it during breakouts and that's when I use the semi-matte formula to get a little more glow. The intensive formula covers really well, and seems to be inbetween matte and semi-matte. good luck (you could also try the original glo formula, but for me at 28 it was too shiny.) You should or
  9. I have nothing but LOVE for EM. My skin has improved SO much since I started using it (and the CSR). Honestly, I don't know if it's the CSR or the EM that has improved my skin, but let's just say that I am SO happy. I really didn't think EITHER of them would work for me, but they have. I still get some small breakouts, especially hormonal ones. But I haven't had ANY large pimples in weeks, and the small ones I do get usually go away or significantly fade within a day because of the BP.
  10. I'm sorry it's not working well for you. Make sure you are using a moisturizer before you apply...I can't tell from your sig if you are using one or not after you cleanse/tone in the morning. Be sure to wait for the moisturizer to fully absorb. If you see fine lines or pores, that could be because the shade you are using is too dark. :think:
  11. I use golden fair, too (and by the way, your pic is beautiful!) I sometimes do one or two VERY light layers of golden fair and then follow it up with some "Light" (only a very light layer). OR I use some bronzer to warm it up a little.
  12. Fair and Fairly Light are pink toned, Golden Fair and Light are yellow toned. Hope you find one that works for you! :)
  13. Chit chat and Apple are both pinks...apple is more matte and chit chat is shimmery/sparkly. I like them both, but I LOVE siesta and B&B. Siesta is a light peachy coral and B&B is a deeper coral. Beautiful! I also have Girls Day, but only can use it as a lip color because it's a reddish/gold and is too pigmented for my skin.
  14. Just a reminder in case no one reads this thread all the way through... The coupon code is HSN and it gets you 10% off your order. It was only supposed to work until July 3rd or 4th, but I just checked today and it worked!
  15. I haven't had any problems with EM finishing dust. I don't wear it everyday, but I can definitely notice a difference when I do wear it. I use it on the T-zone mostly, and it makes my pores and blackheads less noticible. It seems very gentle to me. Maybe you should try a sample. :think: Good luck :D