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  1. CJ, Thanks for the reply man. I actually was reading your log the entire time from start to finish. You provided me with a lot of useful info. If you noticed I posted on your log on Nov. 28th. You got great results as well. I'm sure over time all the red marks will go away and people will never even know you had acne. I'm even contemplating some kind of peel to rid me of some of my little scars. What about you? Later, Greg Day 16 Post Tane Not much to report. Face is still clear. Eve
  2. Do you have any pics to show your progress?
  3. Day 9 Post Accutane Things are going pretty well. Face is still clear and I'm still using my Neutragena face scrub. I think it's helping me stay clear. I used chapstick 1 time today. I'm still using the eye drops consistantly though. The weird tightness in my chest is still there but I believe it's subsiding. If it doesn't go away soon I'm going to get this checked out again. I think my muscles are getting back to normal but I still have slight back aches. Not much else to report. If an
  4. Thanks Heather. If you hang in there I think you will see the same results. How long have you been on the accutane? What dosage?
  5. A, Thanks for the reply. I'm going to read into this a bit. I thought I found something called PCS online but I can't figure it out. My doc tells me I'm fine but I seriously have a pain. If I take really strong deep breaths I can slightly feel it and then sometimes I don't feel anything. If you read around, you will see many guys taking accutane have had this chest pain. Really strange..... I found this link and I thought this somewhat described it but it's not exactly in the right spot. h
  6. Day 5 Post Tane. Everything is still the same. Everything seems to be getting less and less dry. One thing I remembered that that I didn't mention in my first message is that I used Nioxin Shampoo to prevent hair loss or hair thinning. It kept my hair very conditioned and strong. Not sure if all the ladies want to use this but I recommend it for guys worried about the accutane thinning or causing you to lose your hair. Later, Greg
  7. Day #4 Post Tane Not much change. Still dry but seems to be getting better. Probably only used the chapstick 2-3 times today. Still using eye drops all day long but that is probably more related to staring at a laptop screen all day long. I still sort of feel some weird pains in my chest. I want to say they are going away but I'm not really sure. I also been working out everyday and still have backaches. Im now taking my mega mens multivitamin again and I'm still taking 1 fish oil pill a
  8. Heather, Hang in there. Accutane worked great for me. I did 6 months. It was brutal but I'm so glad I did it. I only wish I did it a long time ago. later, greg
  9. I just uploaded some pictures so you can see my post tane results. Check them out in my gallery. Sorry, I didn't load any prior to taking accutane. Maybe I will dig up some old pics. later, Greg
  10. Chitown Greg


    Pictures Post Accutane
  11. One Additional Side Effect I forgot to mention. There was one side effect that I forgot to give you in first message. About month 4 I started having chest pains. One time I even thought I was having a heart attack. So I went to my primary physician and he examined me. He said my heart was perfectly fine but he thought I should get off the accutane because it is causing me these pains. He thought it was related to my nerves or something in my chest. Who knows. I really didn't want to quit
  12. Day 3 Post Tane So it's day 3 and I'm still dry. I definitely notice using less chapstick, maybe 2-3 times a day now vs every 20 minutes while on tane. I still need the eyedrops, almost as frequently as I did while on the drug. Not sure if this is partly because of using a laptop all day long. One thing I have noticed is that when I go pee it has a very strong strange smell. I remember I had this every now and then while on the tane and NEVER before I took the tane. It's a really differen
  13. Ok, so I never started a log during my 6 month course of Accutane but I thought I would atleast start one when I finished. I have periodically read many of the logs on this site related to accutane and found them very useful during my course of treatment. Thanks everyone! It really sucks once everyone is done with their course and you never hear about the POST Tane results. My biggest fear is that after suffering for 6 months taking accutane the acne will come back. Anyway, here is my histo
  14. CJ, Glad to hear you are finished. I'm post tane day#3!! It was rough but it completely cleared me up. I'm just worried the acne will come back. Keep your post going so we can see how you are progressing. If I find some time I will start a Post-tane log. later, Greg
  15. Good point. It doesn't hurt to use it. Do you think you will use 1 or 2 times a day? Glad to hear things are going well for you. Greg