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  1. I have many red post-acne marks on my back, and I was wondering what the best way to go about fading them would be. I'm using a hydroquinone product right now and it's working fairly well. What else should I be using? Would it be worth it to invest in obagi? Are any home peels, etc. good for removing these red/brown marks? please help... i'm getting desperate.
  2. Where do you live and where did you go? That sounds really interesting, because when my acne was really really really bad, it was also during a period of time when I felt incredibly hot in my upper body(even in the winter... i could go without a coat)... I always thought that there was a connection and that it was hormonal. Now that I'm getting older(23), I guess my hormones are balancing themselves, as I'm beginning to feel what it's like to shiver in cold weather and my acne has also improve
  3. Does hydroquinone or any other bleaching product bleach the redness out of skin? Is the redness/darkness *underneath* the epidermis and therefore not affected by the bleaching? Anyone know of anyone who has had good results? I know that a lot of people don't want to bleach their skin, mainly because "pale" is not in... but my skin is already very very white, and I wouldn't mind at all if it was whiter, if I could get an even skintone from bleaching. If bleaching doesn't work, then what do y
  4. Ok, after milling around the web, searching for some possible solution, I found and contacted someone who said that they do needling work on keloids and achieve *amazing* results. He particularly noted that his results with keloids were far better than the results that could be obtained when dealing with pitted scarring. I am so absolutely excited, but I don't want to be let down, so I'm trying not to let myself get my hopes up too high. I'll receive treatment in a couple of weeks. I'll post
  5. Will TCA work to do much of anything on raised(possibly keloid) scars? I'm tired of having no options besides silicone gel sheets.
  6. Hello, all. Acne(at least i think it was acne), has left me with very many raised scars(keloids, maybe? what exactly is the difference between a keloid and a hypertrophic scar?), mostly on my back and shoulders. The cysts made my skin bleed and scab, and a scar developed afterwards; I do not have *any* pittting or icepick scars at all though, all of them are raised. I had some steroid injections, and they responded(i.e. flattened out) pretty well, and i'm currently using elicina, and despit