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  1. I'm just about done my accutane treatment (on the last refill) and my face is completely clear of active pimples (for once). Now the next step is getting rid of the redness caused by years of mild acne (its not horrible but...) Are there any creams I can use to help with this? For those curious: Before Today (with about 18 days left) Not a single active zit. All redness now.
  2. I tried a small test patch last night and it came out fine. I'll gradually try more and more
  3. Last month I rarely took it with food and it barely helped. I've been more diligent this month and my face is almost entirely clear.
  4. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of my "acne" is actually ingrown hairs (I am 1/2 black and, as I understand it, this is much more common in black men with curly hair). I've tried tons of different shaving creams, electric razors, single blade razors, etc... Still get bumps. I tested over a vacation from school by shaving one sideburn and not the other. The shaved side developed several "pimples" within a couple of days. The other side did not. I've also done mini tests like this with m
  5. OK so one popped up over my lip (right side) and the forehead ones are very persistant (and noticeable). I have my 3rd doctors appointment (the initial, October, and now november) tomorrow at 3:30. I'm on 80 mg and weigh 180 lbs, so we'll see if he keeps me on 80 or bumps me to something like 100 or 120. I'm kinda disappointed that one above my lip and a couple on my forehead sprouted up right before my doctors appointment. I kinda wanted them to be "impressed" and have the improvement to be s
  6. Not really. I had 1 bloody nose towards the end of the first month but nothing since. Dry lips, of course (vaseline every 5 minutes). Dry skin isn't that big of a deal. Its only really noticeable in the morning when I just wake up and am not mositurized or anything. I think I lucked out and escaped the bad side effects.
  7. Alright, I think I'm ready to post pics. I would have preferred to post them before this one sprouted on my chin (it actually sprouted yesterday evening suddenly). But I think the turnaround is remarkable. I have *2* active pimples. One on my forehead and the one on my chin. Everything else is either disappearing pimples or redness (mostly redness). The forehead looks worse than it is. My forehead broke out bad when I first started 80mg. The only active one is the one on the left side of my
  8. The clearing continues. Its a remarkable turnaround from a week ago. I still have 3 active pimples but they're all small except one. The one below my mouth on the left side is taking awhile to heal because I must have popped it by scraping it or something in my sleep. So of course, the heal time is longer. But if that goes and nothing else pops up (I don't feel any coming)...wow. Accutane, not Timberlake, brings sexy back!
  9. Thanks, been. Now...I spoke too soon on the last post. A mere week after I made that post, my face is suddenly clearer than its been in years *knock on wood*. I have 3 active pimples - 1 on the bottom left corner of my mouth, 1 above the mouth on the right side in my mustache, and one right under my nose. The last time I had only 3 active pimples...uh...who knows? I stepped out of the shower tonight and looked in the mirror and I had to do a double take. Thats not just a figure of speech. I
  10. I'm going through that "starting to lose faith" phase that I'm guessing most people go through around this point. The initial clearing seems to have been a combo of the meds and coincidence (I typically have high and low points in my acne). Right now, its not that the pimples are numerous, its that they're big, noticeable, and somewhat painful. My forehead, which has generally been clear for most of my life, has 3 huge ones on it and there are 3 big ones right below my lip and on my chin. I kno
  11. My apologies for the lack of updates. My doctor started me on 80 mg (40 in the morning, 40 at night). I start that tomorrow. There is definite improvement. I went through the IB the past week or so (it wasn't the earlier one I had suspected). Thats clearing up. There are still some active pimples on my forehead, but I'm clearer than I've been in years. Redness, as to be expected. Skin dryness isn't a big deal. The only place that bothers me are the sides of my nose. Lip dryness is a pain in
  12. I have a pimple in the weirdest place. Its in my nostril. Not like up in my nose where the boogers are, but actually in the nostril. If you think of the opening of the nose as an "nn" shape, it would be in the left wall of the left "n". Its weird. Its not noticeable but it hurts like a bitch.