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  1. hey whre u at in the bx im from c.i. /throgzneck/morisspark lol been around

  2. lol..that's not a side effect i've gotten but i think it's funny..sorry
  3. bxchik

    my acne experience

    my ugly acne pics
  4. bxchik


    yucky acne
  5. funny i was the same addicted to myspace and now im on this site all day..im on my second course of accutane 2, this time they gave me a lower dose (30 mg last time i had 40mg) n my face has gotten worse and i just started my second month, last time i was on accutane my face was clear within a month, i remeber having one pimple when i was on my second month.. but i do hope i get better soon the summer is here n i want to be outside all day but with my face the way it is i rather stay home...g