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  1. I believe that e-book basically tells you to eat nothing but apples for 3 days, drink lots of water, and have an enema.
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol really dries out your skin! Although, sometimes when I have the urge to pop a pimple..I put some on a tissue/cotton ball to clean the area and hold it there for awhile. I notice that the size dramatically decreases after using alcohol. Once or twice I applied bp (only on the pimples) after doing this and let's just say it wasn't very pleasant, but hey, I was desperate for it to go away.
  3. I like to remove my makeup (especially eye shadow/mascara) with Vaseline...I put some on a tissue and gently go over my whole face with it. It is good for sensitive skin, acts as a moisturizer and doesn't clog your pores. After, I wash with Spectrojel (for dry/sensitive skin) to remove the rest.. Cetaphil is another good brand.
  4. When I went on accutane I had bad rashes/dry skin on my hands. My skin has been always sensitive to begin with, but while taking accutane it only got worse; so I had to really be careful what products I used on my skin (soaps, perfume, etc) or else I'd get a bad reaction. I also had rashes underneath my armpits..I must admit I couldnt resist to scratch sometimes and it eventually progressed down my sides. Anyways, I started using dove deordant for sensitive skin and I only use their soap as well
  5. I just started using tanda a few days ago as well, I'm really hoping it does work in regards to the red marks. p.s I was checking out Shoppers Drug Mart and came across this: http://www.shoppersdrugmart.ca/english/bea...utyrx/zeno.html
  6. hey jennywho. it's been a while since i've been on. how's everything going.

    1. I haven't tried the cleanser..but I do use Aveeno's ultra calming moisturizer day/night and it helped to reduce the redness
    2. Why does everyone stress about what to eat while taking accutane????...just eat what you would normally eat. It works better when you take it with something fatty..but my derm told me my cholesterol was too high and to go on a diet lol, which is funny cause I'm like 115.
    3. Well, my eyes got really dry during my course and for the longest time they were itchy and red..it drove me nuts cause i hate putting in eye drops. If I were u, I'd stick to wearing your glasses for now..that's what I did and my eyes are a lot better now that I'm done my course...just hang in there for the time being. p.s The horrible side effects for me, i felt were well worth it in the end and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat
    4. ya, it's fat soluble..so it's more effective when taken with a fatty meal which may cause an elevation in your cholesterol.
    5. I'd be first to roll up my sleeve