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  1. Moderated by someone who sang the praises of ZZ Cream at one point. Notice you aint using it or any of Demodex Solutions now.
  2. Skin Cap denied that the ingredient was in there, but analysis confirmed it was. My point is, they tell you the ingredients are safe just like Skin Cap did, and you believe them even tho it is not FDA approved. These guys dont give a shit about your health they just want your money! Anyway you clearly are gonna do whatever the fuck you want, its your funeral, but dont recommend others break the law or risk their health. [EDITED BY MODERATOR. DO NOT CALL PEOPLE NAMES OR MAKE PERSONAL ATTACKS.
  3. I strongly suggest you check out the whole Skin Cap fiasco some years ago. A cream still obtainable over the internet 'cured' psoriasis and other skin complaints. It had top docs hoodwinked by the seemingly gentle ingredients. Analysis showed that the hidden ingredient was actually potent prescription only corticosteroids. http://www.fda.gov/medwaTCH/SAFETY/1997/skinca.htm If you are stupid enough to order and use ZZ Cream after being warned you get everything you deserve!