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  1. Hey all, I need some advice. So I'm on my 3rd week of acutane, first month 5mg, second month 10mg, third month 20mg. Now I know you aren't supposed to use topical treatments... it says in the hand book and the dermatologist told me. But..... 2 weeks into the treatment, after having stopped using BP, I started to break out. Now this I strongly believe is NOT an IB from the tane. It is in the same area, the same time scale, and the same type of spots I get when I have stopped using BP in the p
  2. Yea after reading the Accutane forums some more, I realised I was on a particularly low dose.. So my restance training 4 days a week stays Thanks guys
  3. I'm starting my accutane course today. 5mg, first month, 10mg second, 20 third. Anyway I heard that you can't do hard exercise on this course... so is that resistance training out the window?
  4. I did no grain for a month.... acne got worse. I should probably do it again stricter for longer... but you can't get huge on water, and fibre Im giving in to accutane
  5. Resistance training + light cardio. I dont mean you have to go join a gym, and run marathons. Walking/jogging and bodyweight exercises (pushups, pullups, squats etc.) will take care of that fat through speeding your metabolism. A good diet ofcourse aswell However whether this will clear your acne is debateable. I squat 3 days a week, im up to 175 pounds ATG squat.. and I still get mild-moderate acne.
  6. I take chocolate whey in grape juice.. tastes so bad its good.
  7. I would never recommend a NO carb diet.. it just is NOT practical. Ketones are toxic to the brain IIRC. Eat veggies with every meal, and some fruit... and you will probably get sufficient carbs for normal healthy living... On the other hand... if you wanna be a huge ass body builder... eat carbs like they are going out of fashion. potatoes, bread, OATS OATS OATS... you need the calories, and you need the carbs... i I'm almost ready to come off my low grain diet.... I just feel starving after
  8. The more I experiment with diet.. the more I think acne for a lot of people is sensitivity to an anabolic state... or excessive state I guess. WHich is why Grains are pointed as the culprit often, because the Insulin is a HIGHLY anabolic hormone... I think even on the paleo diet I use.. the fact that I eat 6 times a day with resistance training, screws any chance of getting clear. Essentialy it is an excellent Cutting diet... Just an idea however... I'll have a better idea after a few more week
  9. Eggs.... fantastic amino acid profile, the bodybuilders staple... that and Oats. I havent quite yet made the tranisition from Oats, to a Veg smoothie... The lack of calories makes me
  10. A common misconception is that, you should avoid grains ONLY if you have an allergy to GLUTEN. While gluten allergy may well contribute to acne.... The main argument of a "paleo" type diet, is to restrict grains because of their high carb-density, and anti-nutrients, not because of any allergies. In particular for acne, when we ingest such high amounts of carbs, particularly simple carbs because of the high GL, it causes a chain reaction, which results in the production of hormones which direc
  11. A low carb diet can be a pain in the ass... Especially if you don't like vegetables all that much. Celery and tomatoes make me wanna gag, broccoli aint that nice and coliflower has a weird ass taste. But I eat them all because I wanna get huge and have great skin. It takes will power no doubt. My diet yesterday was... Breakfast: Cooked Oats + Milk, 3 Eggs, Zinc + Omega 3 suppliment Snack: Almonds + apple Lunch: Lamb steak and salad Pre-workout: Whey + banana post workout: Grape juice +
  12. What time do you go to bed? Also, is your room totally dark at night? No light at all is really Ideal
  13. I'm trying this diet.. or atleast a version, but I just cannot drop my oats for breakfast... they are such an easy way to get my calories up... but I fear they may hold my progress back. I'm contemplating juicing veggies and drinking that.. but Im still gonna miss out on calories... oh well... better pack more veggies and meat