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  1. Hey Fouzi,

    I have a question. I saw your post where you mentioned your ALT levels were 180 and had to discontinue the medication.

    Did you ever go back to it? My levels came out 187, and it seems like weight-lifting contributed to it. However, they went back to normal.

    Should I go back to the medicine? Please let me know your thoughts

  2. hey man best of luck in ur journey....just wanted to tell you....that 20 mg is a low dose and requires more than 6 months ....i takke 20 mg and for a whole year because u need to reach a cumulutive dose....so i hope you're aware of all of this other than that i wish you the best luck
  3. hey man....accutane is a wierd drug .....the second course doesnt have to be like the first course...my second course took 2 months more than the first course to get cleared....but it been proven that accutanr will clear at some point....so dont lose hope and keep taking it untill the end wish you best of luck man
  4. it's true that accutane can lower it never heard of incrasing it but accutane is a wierd drug i wont be surprised i guess you're lucky it's not a major side effect....and hey ....now you can feel how it's like to be a man just kidding just kidding ....or maybe not Lol
  5. hey man i read everything....i'll totally honest for your skin.....you have nothing ....no acne ....not even scars....people will kill to have your skin right now i think you should accept ur self as nothing is wrong with u in my eyes and eyes most people in the world i really think you should use that money to do something in your life ....maybe go back and actually study university ...ur still young or maybe find a better job....i know its easier said than done.....but trust me mate.....
  6. ate only lentils and kidney beans for 6 months ....nothhing else ....God i looked so skinny ...barelly just bones .....and you know what ....i broke out anyway .... honestly the only thing that seemed to help me is Acuttane ....i'm going back on it soon hopefully
  7. acne trully sucks man....trust me i know....it make you even your parents didnt get married....but wat happened has happened.....but you can fight this .....you can treat ur skin.....by now i'm sure u tried many treatment ....if if ur skin severe try Accutane .....it's super effective dangerous but it does the job better than anything else on the market ..
  8. yeah it turns out i was having cold its all good now but now im breaking out again like crazy while im half way trough month 5 fuck u accutane
  9. hey man do u have some clear weeks or u been breaking out from the start
  10. all i can say is try to avoid ''cetaphil cream'' it gloc pores for me and cause really bad whiteheads ....not for all people but for me
  11. hello man im kinda in ur same position i keep breaking out and clearing like i'll have 2 bad weeks then one cool week and so on and so on it's a weird drug ....i mean in first course i never had this problem ...so you see it doesnt even work the same time twice in the same person i think first of all you should talk to ur derm ....he is the one with the MD second of all ....iMO .....i think you should stick with it and if you keep breaking out by the end ...you can extend your course or hav
  12. hey guys and welcome back ....im not sure if any one is following all of this since no one comments or even say hit ...that's rude by the way ...unless you're just a visitor or you don't have any fingers please comment and let me know you're there . anyway ....im here today to talk to you about the affect of acne on me personally and im sure many can relate. well basically ever since i started noticing acne 1 year a go and no i had it for like 6 years but i just started noticing it a year
  13. hey guys as you can see ...im on accutane in my fifth month (first 2 i was on 10 mg and the other 2 im on 20 mg).....pretty low dose i know but in my first course i was on the same dose and i cleared up by the middle of month 4 so im almost at the middle of month 5 and im still breaking out ...not as bad as before ....but stil WTH im supposed to be clear by now PS: im 64 kg
  14. hi guys it been a long time since i posted mainly because afer that trip ( you can read about it my last post) ....i ended up staying there in capital city ....it seemed like the right thing to do .....but you know what ....that food didn't do sh*t to me ...so i kept eating all i wanted and by 2 weeks i was back to my original weight yay .....but things weren't all fast food and candy after that ....i bought cetaphil cream (im on accutane remember) .....and it screwed up my face ....i know th