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  1. I am aware once you get off bp gel you might get small break-outs because of the dependency of the bp. How long (an estimate/range) is this going to last?
  2. With BHA 2% gel is anyone seeing an improvement on redmarks?
  3. Ima short guy too, it doesn't effect me in my day to day life at all really.
  4. Zinc personally did nothing for me. And yea, 50mgs is too much, maybe take 25mg and have it after a meal.
  5. You mix it with ACV with water in a cup. Put in a cotton ball soak it up, squeeze up the cotton ball a little to make it less soaked. Apply to face. Leave on for 10 minutes, then wash off. Other information you should know; it's hella strong, your eyes might water from this. Results might take a month or 2.
  6. I pretty much stopped. I think I am going to start it up again.
  7. Which did you find to be more helpful? Taking ACV internally (drinking) or externally (topical)?
  8. It's a regime about nothing. I don't put anything on my back, I don't wash it with soap nor do I put any acne products on it. I just LET some water run on it in the shower, it's worked a lot, acne has been reduced a lot. I've been doing this for about a month.