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  1. Anyone else having the same issue?? Maybe my computer is just running slow. But I can't select any emojis from the pop-up window for the moment, the only ones I can include in my posts are those you make with punctuation, like a regular smiley or wink smiley, that's about it.
  2. My son has the same thing and he was recently diagnosed with keratosis pillaris by his pediatrician. We were there on another matter and he noted that since he was 16 he was right in the height of puberty, noting the oily complexion, acne, facial and body hair, and also gave a name to his body blackheads (KP). I couldn't decide if it was KP or PF but the doc confirmed it. The KP has gotten progressively worse since age 13, and sometimes the bumps get inflamed and turn into full-blown acne. We've
  3. I'm going to open up this thread again WITH GRAVE RESERVATION but am going to ask ALL participants in it to keep comments relevant, helpful, useful, and supportive to the OP and to please stay ON TOPIC! Healthy debate is encouraged but flaming other people or their ideas is not OK and won't be tolerated. If this can't be followed, the topic will be closed again and other action may be taken as well. Thank you.
  4. Please keep all comments on topic with the original post. Thank you.
  5. If you use Google Chrome, it should ask you if you want your computer to remember your username and password, so I always select Yes for this. Me, I just always keep Acne.Org open on my tabs. This way I just have to refresh the page to keep me active without having to re-log in every time. Nerdy, I know lol.
  6. BP creates an oxygenated environment in which p.acnes cannot survive and this will last quite awhile before becoming dead/inactive. So it's really best to leave on at least 4-6 hours before rinsing off, although in the interest of avoiding unnecessary face touching and irritation, Dan recommends just leaving everything on until the next application. Feel free to experiment with your own skin absolutely to see if you can get away with leaving the treatment on for shorter amounts of time, but I'
  7. Glad you're off to a great start! Ramping up BP ahead of schedule is one of the common mistakes people make...and speaking from personal experience here too as someone who made this same mistake! I thought "This is easy! I've got this!" and by the end of week 2 my face was lobster red and my skin was so dry I was scared that the skin would crack open!! I ended up wearing a Vaseline mask to bed for 3 nights until my skin felt better, and then I stopped the Regimen and started over. I'm not sayi
  8. Dan has done all the research about BP and how it works. He recommends leaving on continuously and reapplying every 10-12 hours to keep up with acne bacteria which propogate quickly and easily get out of hand, which is why skipping treatments can affect results. Some who play sports and need to shower in the middle of their day can still be successful if they rinse off the treatment and wait till nighttime to reapply, but still do best to leave on at least 4-6 hours or it could affect results.
  9. If the skin is getting raw, you could try a little Vaseline. It's heavy and yucky-feeling but noncomedogenic. I kid you not! And delivers on its promise to heal and protect. Mild irritation like this will eventually subside and go away completely with continued use. Patience is key!
  10. All these are normal reactions to the treatment. In a few more weeks you can begin managing flakes with AHA+. This gives you a mild chemical peel and is great for sloughing off dead skin layers. You can add a little to your moisturizer a few times a week...some use daily in their moisturizer, depending on their skin needs and tolerance level. Wait till week 4 before using. The treatment can also bring whiteheads to the surface for some users, and that's great if this happens, this is what you
  11. The Regimen is a more reliable way to manage acne and gives you more control by killing acne bacteria and preventing new breakouts in your affected areas. But using the Regimen while eating a sensible diet would be the optimum combo. Drink plenty of water to purge toxins through your sweat and urine. Eat a variety of fruits and veggies which are full of antioxidants, and organic/locally grown when possible to minimize ingestion of chemicals, which can cause eczema and other health issues. Car
  12. It's fine to just treat your affected areas!
  13. Have you tried adding AHA+ to your Regimen?? 10% glycolic acid gives you a mild chemical peel, so it's great for taking skin to the next level, smoothing out skin texture and helping red marks fade faster. Dan's formula is great! Very hydrating and easily mixed into your moisturizer.
  14. This looks like comedonal acne, plus maybe a few inflamed bumps. You could try using Nizoral shampoo to see if this helps. Leave on for several minutes before rinsing and apply the lather to your forehead as well. Use twice a week. This should help if there is anything fungal contributing. My son is currently using it, he has the same problem but mainly on his back and shoulders. I'd also recommended getting a script for a retinoid like tretinoin from your derm, this can be very effective for th