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    My Regimen:
    -Panoxyl 4% bp face wash.
    -Apply Milk of Magnesia
    -Take cod liver oil (with vitamin a and d included)
    -take garlic capsule
    -Panoxyl 4% bp face wash
    -Apply heavy amount of neutrogena oil free combination skin moisturizer

    *avoid sugar, dairy, carbs*
    *wash pillow cases regularly*
    *shave with 2 blade razor. no more*
    *shave with non scented, irritant free shaving cream*
    *avoid touching face at all times*
    *only wash face twice a day (morning after waking up and right before bed)

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  1. hey try using Code liver oil capsules and garlic capsules. it'll calm your hormones down
  2. Hmm, you could try some sort of oil? It has to be really clean oil though. Otherwise it is probably a waiting game and just waiting for it to heal
  3. Well tell us a little bit about yourself. Face wash? Cream? Moisturizer? Exfoliants? Hygiene? Exercise? What foods do you eat that you consider "healthy"? Any vitamins or supplements? Do you wash your sheets and pillow cases regularly? What do you shave with? How many blades? Shaving cream? As you can see there are many variables. If you let us know all of these things, that would be a good way to help us help you. Cheers.
  4. Interesting! I might look into this actually. Good post! Cheers
  5. Aloe Vera + oil free moisturizer = healed
  6. I agree. Hardly noticeable. I used to have those. They will either become inflamed and rise to the surface of the skin or just disappear over time. I like to call them 'mini non flamed pimples'. If they're not bothering or hurting you, don't bother them. Last thing you want to do is try and pop those. They will all get inflamed and make your chin look awful. Take it from me who tried it :/ hope this helps in some way. Cheers
  7. Yeah I'm going to have to agree and say that the caveman regimen is definitely not for everyone. Real happy it is working for you though! That's great! Cheers
  8. I really hope everything works out for you! Keep us updated. Cheers
  9. That's a thought and I understand where you're coming from but cod liver oil is actually very healthy for the body regardless of age. It doesn't "alter" the body as in say an antibiotic or a synthetic pharmaceutical drug would. Keep in mind, it is all natural and has many different benefits and has no real risk of harming your body from the research I've done. You can stop or start at any time and there are no withdrawals or repercussions. I've gone off and on using cod liver oil and it's been n
  10. Well what kind of wash have you been using? What kind of shampoo? What kind of moisturizer? What's your diet like? Hygiene? Exercise? There is a ton of variables as you can see. Explain to us those things and hopefully we can help! cheers
  11. Well to each his own. Try my regimen though. I guarantee it will work
  12. I don't care if masferbating causes blindness or hairloss. I'm still going to do it. Don't feel like you have to totally abstain from pleasure or fun just because of acne. You have acne, acne doesn't have you. Yikes. Come on now.
  13. Yeah, cod liver oil. It has natural vitamin a and d. And is very clean compared to the generic "fish oil" You have to try panoxyl though
  14. Haha no I wasn't talking about your attitude! Lol. My acne looked just like yours except all over my face. And panoxyl will almost definitely make your acne better. Or at least easier to control and will slow down the white heads. It saved me so much. My acne looked just like yours and as soon as I started using panoxyl, in about a week, it was already healing. Hormones are always going to be there but with panoxyl it will almost definitely leave your face more controllable at the very least. Lo
  15. This is going to sound awful but lose the "all natural" bullsh**. Go get yourself a face wash like panoxyl 4 percent Bp face wash. I guarantee you will have your face cleared up in weeks. Bp isn't your enemy. It can be harsh and drying but that's if you use more than 5 percent. Please try it out for a week. Wash once in morning and once at night. I'm telling you it will help! Please take my advice. Cheers