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  1. Farther Away....just one question.....What are the other options that you have thought about to incorporate into this regimen? I tried using the Nuetrogena Clear Pore Astringent, but I feel this is too harsh (made me peel so much). I am discouraged because sometimes I want to have perfect skin...and when a get a few pimples here or there I just want to give up. I think that I will stick it out until Month #3 and then decide from there.
  2. I have been using the Differin cream at night and then Benzaclin during the day. In addition I take 100mg of Doxycycline and feel as though this is a successful combination. I am on my 9th week and almost have clear skin. I still have the red marks to take care of though. I think what I like best about Differin is that if you do get a break out while on it, the pimple(s) seem to heal at twice the rate so that you are not walking around with a scab or huge red mark. I have to say that you must be
  3. I was just curious if anyone has heard of or tried Am Lactin 12%. You can buy it in all drug stores and it is supposedley great for a moistuizer. It works similar to alpha-hydroxy and is a way to moisturize while exfoliating.....my brother has been using it for a condition he has called:"keritosis palaris".....it has worked wonders and gotten rid of all surface bumps...wondering if I should use it for acne pimples?????
  4. On average how long did it take for everyone's skin to clear from the antibiotics.......1 month or so???? I am just curious since I am on doxycycline?????
  5. Here is a suggestion about tanning straight from Dan's myth board!!! You may want to consider!?! Myth: The sun is good for acne Reality: Although the sun may work in the short-term to tighten pores and redden your entire face, thus blending your skin tone with red acne marks, a sun tan is actually skin damage. Sun exposure causes irritation which can make acne worse. The sun is a short-term Band-Aid which will bite back with more acne in the weeks following exposure.
  6. Has anyone tried the Mario Badescu products before? They have quite an extensive line......including their "acne drying lotion" and "buffering lotion". I actually went today to their skin care clinic and had a discussion over whether or not bp is more or less effective than salycidic acid. Anyhow....I am now on Dr. Perricone products and feel the results have been sporadic (meaning sometimes they work, sometime they don't). Wondering if I should swich to Mario Badescu products????? Open for sugg
  7. I really like Laura Mercier.... it is light and very natural....a little goes a long way.
  8. I have experienced this same "burning" sensation since I have been using Vit. K. At first I was concerned that it was going to cause irritation, but after using it for about a week I have to say that I am quite pleased with the results. It seems that my face is less apt to break out ...... and my skin is a whole lot smoother. In terms of red marks fading, I think that it willl be a slow and steady process. I feel like so far the red marks have faded significantly. I think this is a combo of the
  9. Recently I dyed my hair from a strawberry blonde to a dark shade of brown. I am curious to know if anyone has ever linked the change of hair color to increased acne. I am now experiencing an outbreak of acne when I havnen't changed any of the variables to my regimen. Before when I had the lighter color hair my skin was practically perfect. I am very frustrated and am trying to rule out the possibilities that would have lead me to this recent skin condition. Thanks!
  10. Karen, I an from Seattle and am wondering which naturopathic clinic you went to......John Bastir? Which specialist did you see if you don't mind me asking?Thank you
  11. I am using Dr. Perricone's "outpatient therapy" acne treatment gel cream that contains 2.5% bp and it is supposed to work as a moisturizer as well. It also contains: alpha lipoic acid (a powerful antioxidant) and glycolic acid to help diminish redness from previous pimples. I have been using it for the last three days and have been encouraged that my skin is not dry and I have not gotten any new pimples. I will have to try it for the next two weeks or so and let everyon know what it is (or isn't
  12. You can order them online at www.drperricone.com or www.clinicalcreations.com. They are also sold at sephora I believe.
  13. Has Anyone Tried the Skin Clear Vitamin supplements by Dr Perricone? They are supposed to clear up moderate acne and help diminish pimples for those who have severe acne? Just cusrious...... I picked some up and will let you know how it goes.