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  1. Moisturiser update Hello all! So my skin is still continuing to to improve and I am still doing the same skin care regimen as before this post is going to be about moisturisers as I have struggled with moisturisers in the past but I have now I have two that I will come back to - one with SPF one without. So, the moisturiser I have used for over a year now is the Simple Protecting Kind to Skin Light Moisturiser SPF 15 however I live in the UK so summer has, well, gone... so I wanted a differe
  2. Yes the oatmeal is very easy to do! I personally didn't cut out anything from my diet, but if you had a bad reaction and got breakouts from eating specific foods such as eggplant, then I would say cut it out or at least to a minimum. Different things affect different people and you'll know what works and what doesn't for you as everyone's skin is so different - so get to know your skin! Good luck!
  3. Here's some photos of before to give you a better idea, I would say at least moderate acne.
  4. Hey everybody! Update time! So 4 months after this post, my skin is still improving and I've not had any breakouts which have been anywhere near as bad as they used to be, in fact the only sign of any acne at all, is the odd single spot here and there every so often. I am still using/doing everything I said on the original post and am keeping up with that routine. The only things I have changed are, that I am now also using: > Cetaphil Gentle Daily Cleanser at night. The reason for thi
  5. Diet is not the only cause for acne (though of course it can contribute), if it was then ALL people who only eat bad unhealthy foods and are overweight would have acne, but they don't. Having a well balanced nutritious diet is what works for acne (and just generally being healthier!) Completely cutting out on certain important parts of the diet such as diary isn't good, we need dairy, you just need to know what products are good for you and what's not. Avoid over eating sugary and fatty foods (a
  6. Thank you! Yes, the witch stick is great I've used it for a good while now! Really does help to reduce spots. Yes, I'm all down simple (didn't used to be though, kinda used to think "more products the better" - not the case!) Perhaps, it is possible for allergic reaction, however I don't think so in this case as I varied a lot between different products to replace each other once I'd been unsuccessful with them for about a month - I think it was just too harsh on my skin, too many products!
  7. hi!! To remove my make up on my face I use Johnson's baby wipes extra sensitive. This originally started because I'm allergic to ordinary make up wipes, but upon reflection this has been more beneficial, I believe, in the long run because the ingredients they use in the baby wipes will be safe and not harsh (since they're for babies!!) Also I find it takes my face make up off well. For my eyes I just put a bit of Garnier's Simply Essentials make up remover liquid on my wipe, because obviously
  8. Hi guys! Since my last posts my skin has improved dramatically and I wanted to share with everybody what I'm doing. It's been quite a while since my post in March 2015 (see that here for before photos) Though I did give up for a few months after posting this and just accepted my fate of having acne forever and simply gave up (I know, boo-hoo). However, after this, I got back into it to help improve my skin. I currently don't do that much any more to my skin in comparison to what I used to do.
  9. Amyy how is ur battle with acne going??:) Any improvements?
    1. amy27


      Hi! Thanks for asking, I was actually going to put up a post on my progress. I've had a significant improvement on my skin, feeling much happier. :new_smiley_0:

  10. Do you have a moisturizer you could recommend?
  11. So I've finally given up with just about everything OTC, clean & clear, st ives, and plenty of other acne treatments and brands aimed at acne. Most of these things didn't work for me and some even made it worse. Then I tried the natural stuff... You know natural ingredients for face masks and washes... Still having cystic breakouts on my cheeks. So with everything I've tried I think it's time to give up or go topical... Now I have heard mixed reviews on using benzoyl peroxide and I have been
  12. Hey guys, So I recently went on a weeks holiday to Devon, (a coastal area in the UK), where it was very sunny and warm. During my time there I think I went swimming about 3 times in a public pool, now, coming back from this holiday I have noticed some what of an improvement in my skin. I was wondering whether this is a coincidence or the vitamin D from the sun - (as I usually don't spend as much time out in the sun as I did the past week) and/or the chlorine (and whatever other chemicals a
  13. Hi all! 4 months on since my first post onto this topic. Came to update for anyone who's interested. So, looking back to 4 months ago my skin has improved massively. I have given up all the harsh treatments as suggested to me, so I'm not using the scrub or the body shop cleanser no longer... I started using the oatmeal about a month ago when JLopez suggested this to me, I think this has helped a lot and I have seen a significant difference within this month of using the oatmeal morning and n
  14. Hey guys, so it's been maybe about a year and a half that I have suffered with acne, before this I had pretty much clear skin. Over the course of this time I have tried multiple over the counter products aimed at acne to help treat, though these only either did nothing, minor difference or in some cases made my acne worse. I've also used other over the counter treatments that were not aimed at acne but I thought or read about that could help, also tried many home remedies. The regime I'm on no