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  1. Currently I am testing the hypothesis that Accutane causes your body to process Vitamin A differently, so I am supplementing that at ~100,000 IU per day, along with Vitamin D at 5000 IU per day, Fish Oil and Zinc. http://escholarship.org/uc/item/88t998r8

    Just saw you were interested if someone had found a cure. Another guy had good luck with Colostrum he was getting from a local dairy farmer at 1L/day, along with Taurine and TUDCA. No real progress has been made, but I am going to continue testing out my thing, maybe I've found the holy grail, but probably not

    1. Hey guys, just checking in, I'll be going on holidays and camping over the next couple weeks and won't be back in for a while. I totally forgot to tell everyone I largely cured the IBS I had, purely by accident. With all the talk of candida and leaky gut on here which path I also went down years and years ago, it reminded me that a few months ago I largely fixed the loose bowels aka IBS that I have had for years since Accutane in 2002. While researching other health issues I have, since IB
    2. I think so for some of us. I have high cortisol. Taking vitamin C helps me relax a lot. I'm feeling better than this time last year. I'm currently reading a self-help book called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. It's about dissolving the ego and how to stop being controlled by our thoughts and feelings. It's a bit out there at times but overall it's been helpful. Here's a passage that really resonated with me: "It is not just people with good or near-perfect bodies who are likely t
    3. I'll give it a shot since I'm not worried about taking unknown questionable pills, like Accutane. Actually, I've already been on chemo. I'm all good.
    4. Hey mate, nope, on Nutrahacker the only carrier gene I had was the H63D haemochromatosis one. Nope, where are they all? Why so negative? Are there data mistakes? What websites have you guys run your data through? I have found Nutrahacker the best followed by Mthfrsupport. Genetic genie is very basic. Promethease is too broad and does my head in. Not very interesting. And I've just done the free Amy Yasko one which looks pretty thorough on the methylation side of things. Are there any o
    5. Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while because I just had all these health issues on my mind. Has anyone found a cure yet? I have been spending thousands of dollars on tests and all kinds of pills. Mate I can relate to nearly everyone just on this page 354. I have low T. I found I couldnt tolerate TRT. I felt very unwell after a few days. Perhaps its bad liver detoxification, who knows. I take the Testogel occasionally. As for the poor thinking ability after Accutane, which I can tes
    6. Anyone completely cured yet? My new doctor says I am a genetically bad detoxer, MTHFR and pyrolurria and things like that. Anyway, zinc is my fave supp at the moment. In the last month I have noticed improved confidence and memory when speaking and socialising. Downsides, are insomnia, and weird tingling hands and feet.
    7. ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION For anyone who is interested in liver issues. I have my results back from doing the Functional Liver Detoxification Profile by Healthscope Pathology. The condensed version Phase 1 Caffeine Clearance 1.2 (0..5 - 1.6) Phase 2 Glutathionation 3.1 (5.6 - 11.4) Sulphation 26 (16 - 36) Glucuronidation 8 (27 - 56) Glycination 29 (30 - 53) As you can see, Glutathionation is very low, Sulphation is normal, Glucuroni
    8. Has anybody done the 23andme.com test? If so please let me know or inbox me. I have one simple question that needs answering. My cortisol levels revealed the same thing for my adrenals. For a while I was taking Adrenal support and I'm now starting another. I think it helped maintain better energy levels. My sleep schedule is messed up too though, admittedly. Will you be supplementing glutathione? This whole methylation talk is quite interesting. Yes I will be supplementing glut
    9. Hey I got my 23andme results yesterday. So its official, I'm about 99% European, which is awesome. But can anyone tell me how I get my health results, as they dont do that anymore? I remember reading ages ago that there is another website where I put my genetic data and and voila it will tell me my genes. Is that correct? I had an MRI on my brain done a few weeks ago. Everything was a ok. I had a $140 salivary cortisol test done which showed elevated cortisol. Instead of going down th
    10. Brilliant. I'm not surprised. Brilliant. The only problem is they should have given us a few possible cures/supps to try. I wish Camaroz was here to see the results of his awareness raising campaign.
    11. Hey I checked out amazon but they only had progesterone creams, not mixed test + progest creams.. They seemed to have a lot of herbs in them too instead of just progesterone..
    12. Ok, I have shipped off my 23andme.com saliva speci. Does anybody know how long it will take to get results, and what is the website I go to to get the health report? 23andme made plain they dont give out health advice at all. Also today I'm picking up my LDN pills. The doctor agreed its worth a try after I told him about some people getting results off this forum. He said he has tried it a dozen times on other patients with no help unfortunately. Well, Ill see how I go on it. Ive got a few s
    13. Back to tryingtohelps ncbi link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3219165/ Accutane upregulates the Fox01 gene. Now how to fix it. Does anybody know how to downregulate it? Would this fix the problem? Or just give us acne again.
    14. NOOOOO, I've already tried manganese a number of times of the last few years. I think I could be slightly elevated in manganese if anything. But I have no joint cracks or problems though. Maybe others here will do well on it. Manganese deficiency results in dry mouth and eyes apparently. Yet when I take manganese or have high manganese foods like wheatgerm/bran I get a really dry mouth. Annoyingly dry to the point where I have been avoiding manganese for a long time. Maybe I should just dabble