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  1. I quite enjoy this :-)

    This is the only thing that has kept my acne at bay. I make a face cream out of this with coconut oil and tea tree oil and slather it on my face every night. I know, oil on oily skin sounds scary (it horrified me and my sticky oily face at first) but certain oils help and heal your acne ridden skin. If I don't use this, my acne gets worse. Not the other way around. So don't be scared, and use this stuff all over for healthy glowing skin. Works well with baking soda to clean and coffee grounds fo
  2. Dude, trust me on this one. It's so stupendously good.

    This works amazingly. The coffee exfoliates and I think hydrates a bit, which leaves my skin so so so soft. I'm not even exaggerating when I say its 3 so's soft. I use this every third day (basically whenever I shower) and use it after I do a quick clean with baking soda. The baking soda and this TOGETHER works really well, but this has worked super well on it's own. I use coffee grounds from already brewed coffee, as they are moist and have opened up to release the caffeine and great smell. My