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  1. likely real but obviously they will only be posting their best work (it's advertising) for extremely deep (and/or difficult) scars, would very likely need much more than 5 treatments ... the issue is healing time. 7-9 treatments with minimal healing time of 2-3 weeks between treatments. looking at 14-27 weeks. with so many treatments, it starts to get very expensive
  2. I'm no dermatoglist but I'm guessing the nose has less collagen development, so I guess it makes sense. If you want, I can take a few snapshots of their marketing material that explains cora therapy (pm me your email). It's in Korean though but you'll understand more clearly after seeing the diagrams in the book. The surface is almost untouched. It's the same skin so it should be the same texture. The surface of the scar is "raised" but this occurs from underneath when the pins agitate t
  3. bloodwar44: no scars on nose, only on mid and upper cheeks and temple area and in between ... somewhat similar to OP in terms of severity the moderate-to-deep box scars improved about 30% two weeks after 4th treatment, but optimal healing time is more like a few months so it should look better (my 5th treatment was done at the end of 2nd week) its hard to describe improvement as a percentage bc it varies, but 2 weeks after 4th treatment there was an *average* improvement of 30 to 40% 2-3
  4. Binga: i tried to send u a private msg but site says u cant receive any
  5. Considering fraxel ranges from 500 to 2500 per treatment, it doesnt seem that high. Also, any sort of facial/cosmetic procedures in Korea are comparably low relative to other countries. *If* cora therapy was offered in the US, prices (my guess) would be 50-100% higher. Did you really in all honesty expect to pay 50bux to get rid of your scars?? lol
  6. Can you ask them if they are planning to open a satellite office any where else or is there any similar treatment outside of korea Sure, I'll ask the doctor at my next session. I think the lack of expansion may be due to the low supply of doctors with the required skills. It's mainly oriental medical doctors that do it and they need the "needling" skills. I mentioned previously it's relatively unknown even in Korea (I only know of 3 locations in Korea). I wonder why they haven't expa
  7. Interestingly, it's relatively unknown here in Korea. About 4 years ago, a procedure similar to cora therapy was also launched by one place that called it "trans therapy" (which is essentially the same as cora therapy, which came a few years after). $50?!? There may have been some mis-communication. It's more like in the $300-800 range per session (as of summer 2014). I think the $50 refers to a sample one time session on one spot. I'm paying in the high $700s per session no
  8. Finished 3rd treatment recently. Most of my scars have improved between 5% and up to 30% for some scars. Overall, skin is smoother now then before I started. 2 more treatments to go.
  9. I'm a noob to this site. I'm also on my 3rd treatment on cora therapy. Happy to answer any questions. I have a moderate mixture of box and ice pick scars, and a few rolling scars - mainly on cheeks, side of face and temple area. Started the treatment recently at the Gangnam location.