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  1. Thank you for sharing this Miss! I'm about to give diet changes a try as well.
  2. So I'm an adult, having mostly closed comedone. The only thing that ever worked is topical vitamin a, but it's no good because I like staying outside. And when I do quit the drug, acne always come back, so I want to find the ultimate cure. Anyways, here's what I'll do: wash with water drinks more water no sugar, milk and high carb food. keto diet oriented. high fat, low carb no topicals no touching my face more sun I'll give it a great 3 months, hopes it works, because I have a very
  3. It's safe to say plain water to combat comedone doesn't work even in five months time, when I try to wash it with towel, it breaks me out and saw lots of clogged pores. Now I'm starting my differin few days again, religiously, another few months of purging again Orz.
  4. I know it may sound a bit irritated to someone that saying I'm quite clear while using adaplaene alone, once a day before bed without cleanser or anything else. Yet I don't want to use it neither. I really do not like the idea of relying on certain thing to control my acne and my life. Every time I stopped using adapalene I would get my clogged pores again, It is reasonable to think that in certain ways the topical helps with the skin turnover rate, regulating the sebum production or suc
  5. Hey how are you doing ggg? I've been using it for a week now, it seems it starting the breakout.
  6. Have you tried second course of accutane? Or would you consider using topical vitamin a? Would it be an hormonal issues? If it keeps returning with rages, I'd think it's because of hormone imbalance. There's no cure until you balance the hormone first. I've read a recent post on personal log about using topical to treat severe acne. Took him 5 years, but eventually cured. Also, please do not suspend your life because of acne, it's not worth it. Because it will eventually pass, so as y
  7. It has not gotten better until I use adapalene gel for three months to notice improvement. But as soon as I stopped the topical and use only water, my face gets clogged pores again. That's why I came with the conclusion above. Yes, it is true my skin look strong and more even toned when left alone, but I got acne, and that's something can't be ignored. I just hope it works for you.
  8. Hi there. To my honest advice I would suggest you to leave acne alone. It is because you're still in the period of puberty. Your acne is probably because of hormone changes, nothing dermatologist gives you will work long term within this period of time. As BP and any antibiotic only function as killing bacteria, it has no influence on sebum control. One more side note, you should only consider accutane after puberty, because it might have harmful effects to your health. Discontinu
  9. I guess it is Milia or plana. Inappropriate use of product would cause milia. Such as product that is too greasy and hard to absorb into the skin. And it is especially easy to get those around the eyes. Go to the derm to get precise diagnose and treatment.
  10. I've tried no wash at all(not even water) and wash with only water, both doesn't work for my clogged pores. It wont get inflamed, yet wont go away neither. I believe my body is somehow slow in skin turnover rate on it's own. Which topical vitamin a did helped me for this situation. ------ I'd say it will eventually work if your root cause of acne is the irritation from using products and topicals. By throwing them away, you can let your skin fight acne back on it's own course, while the
  11. Hey Trevor! Thank you very much for sharing this journey with us! I do appreciate it very much. I did used adapalene 0.1% cream to get clear up two years ago within 3 months. But then I stopped, because I don't like using a product everyday. It was a big mistake, and the reason why I still got my acne with me right now. Few things to mention: I'm reintroducing the Differin yesterday. I also do not use moisturizer. Few things to ask: Do you think face wash is necessary? Do you rub or
  12. Hey thank you for your information! What I do get is clogged pores too. And I've figured that's because of my slow cell turnover rate also! All I believe in is vitamin a now, including topical and oral. I always thinking is there any other workaround for it? I mean using topical vitamin a need to avoid the sun, which is not totally logical for a person who enjoy the sun and out doors activities. The oral one sounds more reasonable to me but we still needed to rely on it. Does doing exer
  13. Oh my Gosh, another year. *sign* I looked so good back then. I gave up. I am now determine to use Differin along with Azelaic again. I must be clear within this year! My current condition are terrible. I hate acne. enlarged pores on both sides already. I took the photo, not ready to show them just yet. I HATE ACNE! I would go drink coke, coffee and beer, who cares! Today is the first day again. 15/3/2017, God damn it it's 2017 already. 26/3/2017, Ten days in! Some clogged p
  14. Had better days, but it's okay. I've just been doing water only every few days or sometimes every day, depending on how I feel like it. I was doing really well and then things took a turn for the worse with so much stress and honestly my skin looks worse than it ever has. I don't know what to do, I'm not sure if my acne is fungal or if it's something else and it's so incredibly frustrating, I want to cry. I saw my sister and she literally said "what's going on? I've never seen you with acne on y
  15. How's everything going? I hope it's good. Just want to tell you that my acne is only left with hyperpigmentations now, and with a few I called what normal people would get clogged pores. The most amazing part is , I have been having very poor living style. By which I mean , I didn't do sports, eats junk food and spicy food very often, sleep at 4 to 6 a.m. , sometimes I woke up at 8a.m. or 2p.m. etc. But my face just acts really normal lol. Disclaimer: don't live like me : / It's so unh