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  1. My cat gets chin acne if I let him use a plastic water bowl. he has to have a metal one.
  2. Very costly. I have a lot of their chocolate stuff though and I love it.
  3. Okay, a little back history... I'm 29 years old and I've always had enviable skin. Like, my skin is one of the things I get complimented on the most. My mother however had severe cystic acne, apparently genetic since her father had it as well, that was further aggravated my the use of methamphetamines (every long term meth user I've known - and that has been a few - has facial scarring from acne...I guess after awhile your body tries to push out the toxins accumulating in your system or somet
  4. I found a 20% urea lotion and I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what exactly urea does for the skin before I buy it. I've seen it mentioned on here quite a bit but I haven't seen a post that stated precisely what the positive/negative or even expected effects of a urea lotion are. help?
  5. Haha same here....my skin on my face looks pretty good right now (thanks taz!) so I broke out on my SIDE. WHYYYYYY
  6. My skin is pretty nice as well except for my forehead. I rarely get zits, just these aggravating small bumps that don't even get red, but they annoy me SO MUCH. So I feel your pain, there.
  7. Lactic acid peels are apparently really superficial. TCA peels of medium strength basically make the top few layers of skin come off, which takes about a weeka nd makes you look pretty monstrous. So I'm more curious about the more deep chem peels...light ones I know about.
  8. Since I've been using taz, my forehead itches. -_-
  9. mm nope. Not that I can see. In fact, she states that there is no standard for any such thing, and it just depends on the person, more or less.
  10. I was thinking of a medium TCA peel, which is supposed to be pretty effective but will have about a week's downtime wherein you look like Freddy Krueger.
  11. what about shea? I have a shea/emu butter that I've been using without problem so far.
  12. How was the downtime, and what did they effect?
  13. can someone point out where to get good emu oil? the last stuff I ordered smelled like roast chicken! haha