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  1. white rice=sugar=acne..drop the rice
  2. congratulations on your clear skin! just had a quick question, what did u candida diet consist of and how long were u on it? thanks
  3. First and foremost I would like to thank all of you on this thread for making this possible.. im on my 4th week into this candida/paleo/ketogenic diet,...ive been about 90% strict for the most part; so far i have seen 70% reduction on my acne lesions and also gettin laser treatments(aramis laser) at the same time. I started the laser before the diet but wasnt satisfied with the breakouts i would get with eating certain foods so I started researching and here I am. I have a package of 7 laser tr
  4. light-complexion its v-beam, dark complexion try q-yag...idk exactly how much, im guessing anywhere from 100-300per treatment..3 treatments being ideal.
  5. Good question! I am 27 years with mild to moderate acne that is somewhat under control using natural remedies. I'm doing EXTENSIVE research on this topic and I've narrowed it down to the 2 best potential treatments. In no particular order it would be ISOLAZ and ARAMIS LASER. I work in the medical community (not dermatology related) and am a conspiracy theorist on the side . Pretty much I can filter out BS. Nonetheless both treatments are very expensive and would require touch ups later in the fu
  6. thinkin about gettin a tattoo..i believe it should be okay but u never know, tryin to get a second opinion?thanks
  7. heres my story. about two months ago derm put me on 80mg/day for my moderate acne/oily skin. first two weeks went fine, cleared up but was left with a ton marks. Then at week 3 started flushing and face was extremely dry(NO MATTER WAT I DID!!!). so i decided the hell wit diss and lowered the dose on my own until i felt the appropiate dose was met. 4mg/day (take 20mg every 5 days) is what im doin as of right now its workin out pretty nice. pretty clear just have discoloration and most of all ski
  8. Thanks for the info! I think you're really right about prescribing it in the right doses. I've been prescribed Accutane and I'm going through iPledge right now, but I'm going to go to a different derm who prescribes low dose since my current derm is all for 1mg/kg, so at least 40 mg per day. I just want 5-10mg per day, since it actually helps with flushing and acne.
  9. i've been on accutane for 2 weeks now and for some reason im always hungry, so i eat more than i use to..anybody feel this way?
  10. Eventually most of us will grow out of our acne at mid to late twentys ( crossing fingers ). Im a 25 yr. old male on my first course of Accutane and had and have mild/moderate for 8yrs now. Been trying different regimens and topicals but nothing gave me CONSISTANT satisfactory results. So was wondering if taking Accutane at my age would speed up ' the growing out of acne' process or would it only dely it
  11. http://toxsci.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/conte...stract/87/2/451