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  1. yes don't use w/o sunscreen though and I think if you don't have light skin u will need to check w/ a derm about using it.
  2. I don't think so they used to b about $30 when I used to buy them.
  3. Just used mine today and I applied lancome high resolution w/ collaser directly afterwards and then emu on top of that. I bleed very very little and I heard a little of the same poping sound that u hear when u use lancets. It hurt a little bit but not much btw the directions say u r supposed to use it everyday. Kinda pissed though b/c I got their price sheet and the medical one is only 30 bucks more and the needles on that one r more than twice as long. I didn't email the doc on his suggestion o
  4. I like their blush brush too but I always end up looking like a clown if I use it to apply my blush so when I went on her website it said they suggest using a cottonball so that works great now for me. The blushes that I'm talking about have alot of color and shimmer and glow so u nedd a very very small amount.
  5. Kiehl's hair staightening lotion and matrix sleek look iron smoother is what I use. I want to get one of those ceramic flat irons.I also use paul mitcell super skinny hair serum.
  6. Crest white strips are awesome! Sorry I know it's not naturual but is is inexpensive don't make the mistake I did I became obssed w/ whitening b/c people would always ask me if my dad was a dentist or if I had bright smile done so I never stopped using them and I'd go to sleep w/ them on and my teeth started thinning eventually and now I don't whiten but hey I almost forgot if u have about a $100-$150 u should buy a sonicare electric toothbrush it seriously makes your teeth so much whiter and it
  7. I'm going to start Fraxel2 in January so I can't give u any personal advice but that's my choice and that's the treatment I'm going for. BTW where did u get a price like that that's a steal if it's full face or is it just cheeks?
  8. Hey jetermvp when I replied to your pm I also forgot to mention if u get it try and use a toothpick I don't think the brush works that well and keep it in side the scar work w/ it until u get it right. BTW the container is cool it looks like a syringe and says non-plastic surgery it reminded me of my Restylane inj.
  9. I got a 40% glycolic peel from platinum skin care I thought I was seeing improv. but later concluded it wasn't from the peel or was just temp. I also order 100% tca from mytcapeel it formed a light scab on one of my scars don't know if it improved though I only did it once I'm too scared now to do it again.
  10. sorry I contradicted myself in my last post just needle the scar NOT the depressed area I'm not too sure if I understand what u mean by a depressed area by the scar unless u r older and have started to lose collagen but yeah just needle the scar. Yes my scars hurt when I needle them others say it doesn't but that's just my opinion. Also I use alcohol on my face b-4 I needle and that's also what I use to sterilize the needles and tha's also what I wipe the blood off with.hth.
  11. Yes I was just about to make the same comment until I read your post and quite possibly maybe we have scarring due to the damage that we've already done to our bodies making it harder for us to heal and not scar opposed to someone who hasn't suffered from an eating disorder who gets acne and doesn't scar. I know u guys may find it hard to believe but my little sister picks at her very mild acne all the time and never scars but is just left w/ macules she'll pick until she has noticeable scabs to
  12. I think I know who your talking about and they said they didn't look in the mirror for like 2 and a 1/2 yrs. I don't know how they honestly did that b/c don't u do your hair everyday, and don't u look in the mirror when your shopping and trying on clothes, or even when you have something in your eye wouldn't u look in the mirror?
  13. No, we start losing one percent of collagen after 40.
  14. I think Restylane id very inexp. compared to other things mine was only $300. I didn't like it but I think it helped elevate one of my scars permanently b/c it broke up scar tissue?
  15. I don't know from personal experience but I just asked a Dr. about going on alow dose of Accutane for acne scarring b/c other people have improved their scars w/ a low dosage or atleast have said they have. a He said that could be an option for me but the risks r the same for taking a low dosage and high dosage and it's really exp. I don't have insurance btw so I replied I don't care it's my face were talking about.He instead put me on doxycline? for mild acne and said we could talk about Accuta