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  1. So are you going to tell 'em to do more passes next time around?
  2. Wow Naitch -- finally decided to get it done huh? Well, I would say that the number of passes you got were quite low, that's a possible reason for your quick healing.
  3. Yeah, I was always red after the bronzing went away, but it continued to fade with each day. I don't know if everyone here who has hyperpigmentation used Retin-A every night. I always stopped Retin-A a week before and a week after the sessions, but continued after that every single night. I also use SPF 45 on my face, as well as take 1000 mg Vit C every day. Not sure if all that contributed to my healing.
  4. I have Type V skin. My face is now only slightly pink after my last Fraxel session. I think this is due to my using Retin-A every night.
  5. I feel the same way -- why the heck is it considered cosmetic surgery? It's not like we're trying to change something we were born with...we're trying to make it go back to the way it was -- we're "fixing" something. I'm not trying to make my boobs bigger or get a different nose!
  6. 4 days of downtime for all of my sessions. The redness went away quicker with the later sessions.
  7. When I tried this months ago, my test scar scabbed, and it was because I poked too hard with the toothpick, and it caused a mini wound in my scar. The scar frosted and scabbed. I would recommend being VERY gentle and NOT poking through your skin. Just lightly place the ACV in the scar.
  8. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002359.htm http://www.pennhealth.com/ency/article/002359.htm http://www.healthcentral.com/ency/408/002359.html I would think this would be used for keloid/raised scarring, since it states it would destroy tissue.
  9. I always remove the brown spots on the 4th day after a session, gently with warm water and a soft washcloth.
  10. (1) Get a job anywhere so you can pay for your scar treatments or (2) Get a fast-food job that requires you to wear hats so you can pay for your scar treatments or (3) Wait until you've graduated, try finding a good job that doesn't require hats, and if you can't find one, be an unemployed college graduate...with older scars. Those are some options!
  11. Hmm I don't know about the article from AAD -- it states that Palomar and other lasers don't require the blue dye like Fraxel does. Fraxel no longer requires the blue dye. Either this was written before the newer Fraxel technology came out, or the author didn't do the proper research.
  12. Your indented scar is fading -- by fading do you mean it's becoming more level with the skin? If so, then great. If you mean it's becoming lighter in color, then this thread is for the red marks forum.
  13. effu I feel you. I am definitely envious of perfect skin. The physical pain from Fraxel is nothing compared with the emotional pain of dealing with these scars.
  14. Do the webinars say Fraxel permanently or temporarily damages oil glands?