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  1. I had inflammed acnes about one year ago . That was so boring and disgusting moment in my lufe. All people treat me with their backsounds and I felt unhappy. I have not faced non-inflmaed acnes in my face.
  2. Steaming of face is not a good task, but it helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads. I sometimes steam my ace and it creates pores in my face that are so disgusting to see.
  3. You can wash your face with anti-dandruf shampoo. You will be benefited.
  4. My skin is also so bad. I am always feelin shy to face with other people.
  5. Many manythanks dear for sharing such an important and informative link with us. many of the person nowadys face the problems of oily skin , so disgusting the condition is!
  6. These two chemical components are really so mcuh beneficial for the persons having acnes. I used Betnovate-N which may also contain some amounts like salicylic acisd and benzoyl peroxide.
  7. My elder sister also face the same problem. She goes to her office regularly and the distance between her home and office is so ling and the road is so dirty. As a result her face is now full with acnes .
  8. I have no suggestion for you as I am not clear about the products you wrote in your thread. But it is very true to say that hormon is a great factor to cause pimples or acnes in our faces.
  9. I think that you are trying all of things required to decrease your acnes. And you are frustrated due to this. I have same problmes as like you. I am crying for some days due to my acnes for the long time. I am also confused about what should I do?
  10. No, I have no problem such as you. I have acnes, but it is due to my hormonal problems and soe other allergic reactions cause this. But not related with the probiotcs in gut.
  11. There are many different types of acne scars. Some are deep and they may need to be excised, while some are superficial and may respond to the CO2 or fraxel laser. Fraxel treatment is able to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of skin, using pinpoint laser beams that penetrate beneath the skin's surface to stimulate new collagen growth. With the CO2 laser the damaged skin is replaced with fresh, healthy skin. Unfortunately, flat, white scars are not treated easily. The only possi
  12. I am feeling so shocked to hear about this thread. Somebody in our society does not try to realize themselves. They think that suicide is the best solution for his or her problem. I also sometimes getting so annoyed with my life patner and decise to suicide. But it is really a bad thinking.
  13. Thank you for your kind information. Whenever i see your post, i am really so pleased to see this. Yor scarless healing will be the new way for many of the people having the same proble.I am also very happy to know tha name of this new products.
  14. You can use cucumber as it is a natural treatment. One of my friend used it to make her skin most dry and she got the result within 6 months. And I am using Acne-Aid bar to dry out my skins on face.
  15. Mustarbation worsen the acnes, it is a vary bad practice for the person having acnes. But, it is too difficultfor me to control my hands. Because, I mustarbate my acnes with my hands and as a result, it becomes worsen.