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  1. Has anyone had any experience using the dermarolling/dermastamp kit from http://banishacnescars.com/? The owner is Daisy who also has a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/daiserz89. Thinking of purchasing it. Thanks!
  2. Atn - I will be! It's almost as if I want to talk about it (or feel the need to talk about it) as SOON as he sees the scarring.
  3. To explain my (weird) thinking a bit more - I feel like I can't commit to him until I know he has seen the scars and accepts that I have them. If I know he is able to look past them, I can be more open with him - put up my hair around him, go to grocery stores with him, be in bad lighting with him, etc. So I want to bring it up specifically and say - here they are, you can accept them, and if you don't, tell me now so I can let this go and we can both move on. Does that even make sense?
  4. Hi everyone - thanks for your responses! Will review and respond in detail later. DudleyDoRight - I see what you're saying, for sure. It was after 4 dates, and my gut feeling is that he's a great sincere guy BUT let's see if I'm right after "The Scar Conversation" lol
  5. Thank you. I can't help but wonder if you all are referring to scars (indented scarring) or spots/blemishes. I have indented scarring and it makes me think that kind of scarring would scare people off. Could you all clarify, especially tracy521?
  6. Thanks for taking the time to respond and your kind words. I should mention he also slept over once and we were hanging out at home for a bit through mid-morning. However I still feel like he hasn't seen the scarring. Amanda22 - do you talk to your bf about your skin? tracy521 - thank you, just curious what makes you say that guys don't care about it? Wondering if you can share any experiences.
  7. Hello! Haven't posted in a while - I think this is where folks with indented scarring used to post about emotional stuff regarding scarring (vs. the 'Emotional and psychological affects of acne' forum). Basically - I've been on a number of dates with this guy. He likes me, but I'm pretty sure he has not seen my scarring as our dates have been in the evenings and in dim lighting. I have scarring on both cheeks. He wants a committment. How do I bring up / show my scarring to him?