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  1. i like carrie underwood does that count? :|

  2. idk when im finished lol. They todl me in a couple more months, my skin will be like resistant to acne, is that true? and whats with my skin peeling where acne used to be? its kinda weird, i think its where i was scratching idk
  3. I thought accutane was good, but damn. It has literally healed me. I have 1 pimple on my face, 1! i used to have 30 at least. I mean my lord. But question: what medicine would help for redness, and kinda like marks where pimples have been?
  4. I need a mosturizer. Does regular lotion do ok as that?
  5. I am on accutane. I cannot use any other medicine which I haven't but can I use acne soap? I just put some on, let it burn for about 10 seconds, then washed it off. Will that hurt the accutane process?
  6. After ARmy, and while I am working on a history/mythology degree. I would like to try to get a degree in Dermatology-acne. Does anyone here know any websites other than this one that has acne information thats real, not product based?
  7. I got this thing. I got a binder with the IPLEDGE stuff in it. I just got it about 1 and 1/2 week ago. I think its doing a little, they said the first month I would hate them. Then in about 2 months I would be cleared, then in about 4-5 I would never have one again. Is that true?
  8. eh fuck you lol. It said a side effect was depression i started laughing lol.
  9. For the first time in months, I finally got to go back to the derm. They told me Accutane would be good, since i have probably severe on my back, and mild-moderate on my face. I got it, son of a bitch 600$! but i got insurance mutherfucker lol
  10. I just finally got my mom to call for a derm appointement. My acne has been getting like it used to be. When she called, she called back and told me he said "To start re-taking what he gave me" I said "Well, it didn't work, thats exactly why I want to go back. Now, cause of that fuckhead, I aint gonna get any help from anyone. If she does take me back and thats all he said im gonna suck that mutherfucker right in the goddamn mouth.
  11. Cain

    My Regime

    Morning- Take Vitamin, Evening- Workout (Benching, Running), Drink Grape Juice Night- WeightLift, Drink Grape Juice/Water I will check in everyday with a report.
  12. I used to bench. I am gonna restart, that punching bag, and running. That should do me good. I am getting ready for fights in highschool mostly. Cause in this highschool the first day is the school fight. It tells us who is like gonna be the bully group of the school for the next 4 years.
  13. Do yall think Exercise will help me get rid of acne? I have heard sweat is bad, but exercise is good I want to see thoughts.
  14. Army-War Hope of Love Being the last Patriot of the Confederacy