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  1. Not an option for me as I work out. That, and diet has nothing to do with pimples.
  2. Hello thar! Some background information.. I've started using Benzoylperoxide (BP) 5% about a week ago together with some antibiotics that I got from my doctor. The BP made my skin really dry to the point that it started flaking quite badly. I bought a moisturizer and that seems to help, but I scraped all of the dead, dry skin off and now my skin is soft again. Anyway, am I doing it right? Was I meant to remove the dry skin? And what can you tell from my pictures? I just want my acne gone
  3. Some background information would be good I guess. I started using benzoylperoxide (BP as it's called in America etc I believe) about a week ago, together with some antibiotics to get rid of my acne. Benzoylperoxide has dried my skin out really badly, to the point that it flaked. It happend at school and a few of my friends commented on it, asking me if I was burnt or whatever. So when I got home I scraped most of the dead skin off. Skin is quite a bit softer now, I also started using a