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  1. well its been 3 weeks the first week i got 1 pimple but hey nothing at all now i feel so much better about myself hope everyone has a great holiday and keeps up if there having a hard time because in the end everything works out for the best
  2. I too also stopped accutane and woke up this morning with a pimple. I was flipping out. I had not borken out for 5 months and now I am done and i am breaking out. It helps to know that other people post tane are going through the same thing. If this keeps happening I am going back to the derm. She did give me stuff for it, so I am applying it. This just sucks, I thought after going through all of this I would be done with acne.
  3. That's so great for you! I'm really happy Accutane worked for you. I have heard though that acne can come back for some people. I agree with the posters that said to begin a healthy diet. One of the doctors for Discovery Health Channel, Dr. Joel Fuhrman (www.drfuhrman.com) recommends LOTS of greens for acne sufferers. A very, very easy, quick and tasty way to get your greens in every day is to begin making it a daily habit to drink a green smoothie everyday, which are made of fruits and l
  4. My brothers acne came back pretty bad. He was on it for 6 months and did it for another 4-6 months and it still came back. I was on it for a week and it came back too. Since then, I have been on the Wai Diet which has cleared my skin. They have a free acne book. Check it out if feel like it. What kind of side efffects did you experience? How bad were they? Ask anymore questions if you have them! Good Luck. Hello well i had pretty bad side effects as in dried lips, nose BAD bac
  5. Hello yesterday i went to the derm & its ALL done ! i can't believe 5 months ago i was histerical crying about going on accutane & now the journey is finished. for now i have not one pimple and love my face . who knew 5 months ago i would ever say that. i hope i don't breakout after going off of the pill which makes me a little worried but my derm said i would get a pimple here & there around that time of the month. thats cool nothing to stress over is this true for people who have
  6. So i wokeup this morning to go to my derm appt - 2 pills left & im finished. time flies accutane is worth it in the end no matter how bad the side effects get. im so happy i stuck it through because i feel like a new person . when im out i don't have to worry about people staring at my face because now i know there only looking at me no pimples! too anyone who is off of accutane im scared when i don't take anything will it come back gradually or go away forever ?
  7. Hello everyone this week my arms have gotten this "rash" like chapped ness all over my lower arm it burned to put cetaphil cream on it so i don't know what to use . thankgod it is cold down here in New York that i can wear long sleeves ! how do you post pictures thanks anyone who comments back 25 more days to go
  8. today was my last blood test ! i can't believe it feels like the time flew. i went to my grandmas house today for a family get together & everyone kept telling me how clear my skin was and flawless. someone even asked if i got a nose job because my face looks completely different ! i love accutane no matter how bad the side effects get for people who are staring/having a rough road stick it through because nothing is better than getting compliments about your skin acutane = savior for me !
  9. this last month has been the worst month ever- im not even going to school tommorow because of my BAD back pains and most of all my lips crack 24/7 where not even my chapstick where i carry it around everywhere does not just help anymore. it sounds stupid but even if i eat it kills to open my mouth hm i might get skinny but i DONT care how does this happen in the last month? is anyone else feeling this beside me? plus my hair feels disgusting, and nose is drying out groseeeeee if anyone
  10. im in my third month & for some reason im feeling more side effects than before chapped lips & extreme back pains where i can't even bend down at times. my face is completely clear of pimples not one at all for the past 2 months but the marks still haven't faded. i feel discouraged because i don't know if they ever will go away i only have 2 more months too go and i feel like they would have gone away by now. i have even got many compliments lately which makes me feel good but i still do
  11. so i went to the beach today and now have little bumps all over my stomach / does anyone know what i can put on it to make it better it itches like crazy. its funny how my face didnt get anything but my stomach is getting little red marks all over blotchyness. and is it normal to get breakouts on ur hands i never brokeout there before but ever since the pill i have been . there not noticable but still they bother me if anyone would like to right back that would be sweet =) hope everyones doi
  12. Hope everyone had a good week , im going to the beach tommorow with my friends hope the sun isn't too strong for me but anyways no news on my face i guess thats a good thing . can't wait until im done with my pills it seems like the day will NEVER come . i can't even imagine not taking a pill since i have been taking pills for the last 2 continous years every single day. but i guess i just got to stay put and stay patient because i will be happy in the end and thats all that matters to me . as
  13. Sorry I have not updated in quite a while, there is not much to say which is a good thing . i was petrified of being on 60mg instead of 40mg but nothing has happened KNOCK ON WOOD. i regret not doing acutane in the past and so does my mother but hey if im on it now and everything seems to be going wonderful in the end it will be worth it. my skin is fine & never wake up to any pimples at all its AMAZING ! my forhead is perfect as if there was never one pimple there as for my cheeks there slo
  14. hope all is going well, im on my second month now and got rased to 60mg - scary but well see what happens. i also did it in the summer so if it got bad if i had to stay in, i could just stay in. its better then going to school and everyone staring at you ! i have been to the beach while on accutane and nothing has happened but make sure you wear tons of sunscreen, have fun !