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  1. Any major difference between the two? i just have some minor red spots but really want to get it smooth out so which would be more effective in that case?
  2. i was on retin-a for 3 years with little improvement. it wasn't until i used BP to get it under control then used Retin-a again did i see better results. i would say keep using it even though it doesn't seem its improving the acne itself but its changing the skin. hell i still pop my pimples and don't worry about scarring....cuz i know retin-a will make it go away in a few days! its great.
  3. Yeah what you said didn't make much since. He doesn't need to improve himself, its the bitch that does.
  4. what you have is strong lust not love! I must say though this is a valid tatic on getting girls/guys its a total mindfuck and gets there head spinning.
  5. First off if you want to reach your goals asking people on this forum is not exactly the best way to go about it. i recommend bodybuilding.com forums the people there will be able to assist you better to get to your goals. heres the link. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/ 2. http://www.bodybuildingforyou.com/bodybuil...ion-guide-1.htm read that that has INFO on on nutrition you NEED to know. 3.don't just eat and not lift weights all your going to do is put on fat
  6. but u still get acne right? and by "eat your protein" you mean naturally?
  7. eat your damn protein and lift i do that and i don't get any bad acne.....oh and if your gonna use creatine just use regular old creatine monohydrate (i like prolabs creapure)
  8. ya the red ones are a bitch to go away but they still fade little by little. try adding some 10% AHA lotion
  9. well not 20 tiems a day that is an exageration but even when I am doing something I enjoy, i can't get her off my mind
  10. dude your like 90% clear if you want to get rid of the scar shit get some Retin-A that will ge rid of them, will take some time though (less then a year). and go get some confidence i think the best way for guys to do this is go lift weights and IMPROVE YOURSELF i can't stress this enough IMPROVE WHATEVER is FIXABLE on yourself.
  11. Look you got to cut anything to do with her from your life..is she on your AIM? Facebook? myspace? REMOVE her from all your contacts as if she never existed? you say you seee her everyday? AVOID her at all cost. you do what you gotta do. Almost sounds if you really want to keep thinking about her. you say you think about her 20 times a day? WTF dude what do you do with your time? go do something productive
  12. Looks like something that could work for someone, I feel though a less is more approach would be more feasible for some. I think the key to getting rid of acne is a total new lifestlye, eating only natural foods like whole wheat, brown rice,oatmeal,chicken,etc... i think what helped me most getting rid of acne was EXERCISING to be more specific weightlifting really helped!! don't let the idea of more Testostrone getting in your system scare you. Retin-A & BP combo is probaly one of the best