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  1. hey just wondering if anyone here has tried seabuck thorn for thier acne? and if it worked??? everytime I drive by the local heath food store in town I see this big sign for seabuck thorn which apparently can help with acne
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  3. hey! I just read ur post.... actually I usually read ur posts cuz there interesting anyways I just waned to say I know how you feel, when u think ur doing good then something happens, right now I just got out of college for my Christmas break and I have been concentrating on doing school so much I forgot about my skin... I have broken out so bad the last month I feel horrible,I used to have really clear skin , almost perfect because I was taking b-5 then I stopped and my skin slowly got worse( s
  4. I live in the country and there is farm eggs all around, I don't think it is like that in the city but I try and get farm eggs . Because I know farm chickens are actually allowed to run around outside and not spend there life in a cage and fed hormones and shit all day long.
  5. I took b-5 and it did work! and most ppl on here are trying to help and not sell things, that guy doesn't know what he is talking about and obviously has not taken b-5, anyways it worked great for me! I did not mega overdose on them I took about 3 capsuls a day,so 3 times the amount ur supposed to and that worked great, I also used to have a horrible skin. After about a year and a half of taking them they kind of stop working though but I would give it a try it gets rid of oilyness.
  6. about taking the low dosage and how well it works .....well it worked for me..my acne was never severly bad but it was bad @ times anyways I am and have been almost 100% while taking maybe 3 pills a day and sometimes only 1 and somedays none I am still doing this is has been a year and my skin is still clear and b-4 the b-5 my skin was a lot worse!!!
  7. I really hope there is a cure by the time I have a kid and they are a teenager I don't want them to have to go through what I have but I think there will be more out there for them to help them not necassarily a cure but something that will make it easier for them yea it is strange acne.... my b/f has a clear face and acne on his back and I have never had any acne on my back ever! and my face has always been bad I find that odd as well
  8. well I know it is hard and I know exactly how you feel and I am not trying to be mean by saying this but u can't expect to get this girl with that kind of attitude!!! girls like cofindence so be confident I know that is hard to do but try!! act like you don't care tell her how beautiful u think she is and u could also tell her what u said on here that u would never imagine sum 1 as beautiful as her to like you she will like hearing that good luck
  9. hello to answer ur question no accutane is definatly not an antibiotic!!! and yes antibiotics do cause your skin to get worse I was on them for years and I think it is the cause of my bad outbreak anyways I am on b-5 right now and I would say it makes me about 90% more clear if I take them all of the time lol I usually skip a few days and stuff and I don't take very much to begin with about 4 pills a day after my 2 weeks of taking 8-6 pills a day but still that little about goes pretty far! anyw
  10. hey [censored name] I would like to hear what u r doing about ur long term use of antibiotics I also took them for about 5-6 years and have problems from that anyways I think antibiotics are bad and I refuse to take them now even if I am really sick they do help but only for a short period of time and then if u take them for too long like myself you will end up with way more acne and problems then u started out with!
  11. I only took it for about 4 months and I got really really depressed! over nothing! it sucked it started out as being really moody during that time of the month which never happens to me then I just became very depressed all of the time it also did not help my skin it was worse probably only because I was depressed and didn't take it long enough for it to work but hey I hear it works wonders for other ppl too bad it didn't for me
  12. yea I know how that is and too go from 1 extreme to the other is harsh when I had clear skin I was told I could have any guy I want and was constantly asked out hit on and told how beautiful I was.... not too brag cuz that didn't last 4 very long once I was immune to the antibotics then my skin was bad once again and that sucked just to know I did have some potential but I dunno when I had clear skin I was stuck up and not a very nice person
  13. my dad is diabetic and we grow a plant called Stevia it is more sweet then sugar and it not artifical with bad chemicals and stuff here is a website on it and it is actually good for you and according to the site it can help with skin problems... anyways u guys can read it and see what u think http://www.practicalhippie.com/stevia.htm
  14. I just hate it when my b/f touches my skin and his hands r dirty like after he eats or when he is cooking I like freak out I am like don't touch me with ur greasy hands! and we actually were talking about it last night he knows I don't like him touching my face but he still does it anyways but I told him he can if he hands r clean and he does it in a nice way and I agreeded to stop poking his eyes lol cuz he is always sleepy and closes his eyes so I poke them lightly and he hates it
  15. I have an appointment with the normal family doctor and I am embarrassed kind of I am going to tell him about liver,kidney, colon cleanse and ask where I can get a colonic done anyways I feel like a fool lol but my parents are making me but I have made the appointment with the doctor I used to hate he refused to give me more antibiotics becuase he said they were bad and would only cause more problems with my acne so I went to another doc who prescribed me for a few years after that! anyways now