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  1. i learnt how to not give a fuck about peoples opinions and not let them define you
  2. wow...just scars? its SCARS ON THE FACE. scars are way worse than acne. it stay forever on ur face no matter what u do. i think its better then having acne and im just saying dont let the scars ruin your life if you can help it cause you made it thru acne...chill
  3. So if you had clear skin how would things be different ? what if you never had acne what do you think your life would be like right now? Are you still happy with acne? If no why? and do you think you'll be happy when you have clear skin? Feel free to answer any of these or whatever I'm curious how big of a roll this disease is playing in every ones lives.
  4. in my experience eating alot of coconut oil made mine temporarily worse but everyone is different. It however did seem to make my skin look very moisturized.
  5. I take tri-spritec and the first month i had a breakout secound month it began reducing and by fourth month 99% clear so you may just have to give it time
  6. yeah bp turns your skin white but it could also be cause you just washed your face idk
  7. Ive used aloe for 4 months now i still use it daily as a moisturizer and i really did see a slight difference in overall skin texture and scars in just one week tri-sprintec yeah i feel like all girls should try birth control before resorting to acne but then again I thought about accutance would get you through the usual starter breakout. However I think you should try it Yaz is really good too cleared my sister up like a miracle. It has more good effects then any possible bad i think
  8. I've tried only washing once a day and my face seemed worse almost immediately. My face doesn't get very dry unless I use a lot of spot treatment or I don't use lotion at night. It's pretty tough at this point. hmm maybe its one of your products then?
  9. Okay so I went on Birth control about 4 months ago and WOW lol I am now clear except for one but its skin colored and tiny (so i guess thats still mild right?) I guess i should mention my acne was mild/moderate and on my cheecks So i guess ill stay and give advice and look at scar treatment but aloe helped tremdulously already so scars are very mini mule very unnoticeable so im really happy But i had no idea birth control would work like what? Can someone explain how it work
  10. Dude chill you didn't ruin it if that person found that awkward then they are just like a heavily awkward person naturally like if that's something you do often this person should accept you and if they don't fuck them and move on, were allowed to cuss on this?
  11. I was happy when I read this cause I've been taking these supplements for a while but my birth control has done all the right things for me. however I do get heartburn is that normal?
  12. congratulations on the facial working don't pop the cyst it will make it worse