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  1. By ninth grade - 15 years old - I was wearing full foundation every time I went out of my house.
  2. I now use alima. They have lots of different colors so you can always find a match. I had to try 4 different ones to find a good one - lots of the colors are for olive skin tones.
  3. Stick with the tane for the full course of 6 months or whatever time you are supposed to take it. Most people see an improvement after the forth month. Don't give up now! You already did four months! Don't change your regime now - all the people who answered might have a different reaction to medications than you! Please stay on the accutane!
  4. That is kind of dissapointing to hear.... and that thread was just people telling her to use KY even though she said personal lubricants didn't work. I guess this will probably happen, and I'll have to use lots of lub. Too bad there isn't a product to go along with accutane to help women with this..... but then again, we aren't supposed to have sex on accutane are we ha ha ha ha ha ha
  5. I did a search but nothing came up...... a couple weeks ago, in this same forum (prescription acne meds)? I'll start looking.... although I think it's a good question still
  6. I did a search of the forums but it deemed to be totally useless with regards to this question... I'm a female on accutane, will my vagina dry out?